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    Just wanted to strike up a conversation on how everyone here has measured their success on the candida diet (at all stages).

    I know that most of it will be symptoms – when you aren’t experiencing symptoms after introducing ‘trigger’ foods… that’s success. Some programs say when you aren’t having cravings anymore – that’s success. I honestly feel like I will ALWAYS crave sugary foods… I’m pretty sure it’s just engrained in me. I have always been, and always will be a SWEET PERSON! 🙂

    How have you all measured success? Do any of you feel like I do about the cravings?



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    I think once you have done the candida diet a couple times you will eventually get past your sweet cravings. Once you start to cheat and eat them and the candida comes back you will start to learn that you would rather feel better than eat the sweets. At least for me it took a couple times. You try to test the boundaries of what you can get away with. You need to find things that will satisfy the craving that are ok to eat, such as coconut and berries. It takes time to train your will power, but it gets stronger and to the point that the sweets start to look bad. Basically it usually takes being sick and tired of being sick and tired.


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    I used to eat a candy bar everyday and now I cannot imagine doing that ever again. I do not want foods that poison my body and Im going to feel that way for a long time. I am getting so healthy that I want to quit smoking!


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    I’ve never been a sweet person and never will be really and didn’t have any cravings for carbs or sweet things when I was doing the diet. The only exception being I was wanting beer. Not sure if it was a physical craving or a mental one tho as my mum owns a pub/bar and I’m the head chef there so I would drink a few pints most nights after work and over the 5 years turned into a habit. Combine that with heavy uses of antibiotics and that’s why I’m here now haha!

    About 3 weeks into the diet and antifungal program I was 90% syptom free and continued on stadge 1 for about 2 months and then slowly reintroduced some things like brown rice, potatoes and even ate fruit for the sake of experimentation all with no reactions. The hardest thing for me was the boredom. I think this was because it seemed like some of the most basic pleasures of life like food and drink were taken away so to speak.

    I remember about a month into it I started getting a bit depressed with the diet but continued never the less and was eating just to survive and lost a lot of weight even tho I was average weight to start with. As time went on tho I actually began enjoying food again and there was an occasion when I actually got excited about what I was gonna cook that evening! To me that was a measurement of my success as I was very nearly completely symptom free and was enjoying food the same as before the diet and feeling fighting fit and healthy. Unfortunately I had some major problems with home life about a month back and hit the beers for 2-3 weeks so now I’m back to square 1 ready to do it all again in a few weeks time.



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    It’s wonderful how I don’t crave sweets anymore! I still miss bread however and I think I always will.

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