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    Hello to everyone

    I will try to be short. I’ve been on the candida diet for 2 months now. Aprox 6 years before starting the diet and until today i’ve been suffering from certain symptons all over my body: Chronic sinusitis, reflux, dermatitis, fatigue, digestive problems, diarrhea/constipation, gases, lack of concentration, bad memory, mites allergy, constant white tongue, chronic halitosis, among other inconveniences. Likewise, i was on treatment with inhaled corticosteroids for 4-5 years, and had some years of bad habits (feeding, sleeping, and many stress/ansiety). Also, i’ve been on antibiotics a couple of times in the past years, due to a constant ear infection, maybe 2 times per year.

    Searching and searching on the web for some guide to what i’m experiencing, i ended up knowing that there is something called candidiasis which share some (many) of my symptons. So i decided to start the diet without medical evaluation, because i’m so tired of doing treatments given by doctors that don’t do anything.

    After two months on strict diet i notice very little changes, I could make the mistake of eating lots of almonds and coconut (which i don’t eat anymore), but nothing else appart from that, i’ve been very strict eating lots of veggies mainly, with eggs, fish and chicken, millet and quinoa, coconut oil, avocados and lemons. And taking probiotics daily with an account of 25 billion CFUs, with 5 lactobacillus and 3 bifidobacterium. 1 week after starting the probiotics i experienced a healing crisis, that was like 6-8 weeks ago.The thing is that my symptons haven’t changed in a very little way, so i’m starting to think i don’t have candidiasis, but some other gut problem, or somewhere else.

    The reason of this post is that i’ve been eating lots of bread the last 2 days, just to see what happen to my body. And i haven’t experienced reasonable symptons, even, i’m feeling a little better from my stomach/digestive problems, and my tongue is less whiter than before starting to eat bread. Even i’m feeling more energetic. I might feel some more post nasal drip than usual the first day,and maybe some feeling of beeing allergic to environment, mainly burning eyes (but i feel that way constantly). Today’s morning i’m not feeling this way, no postnasal drip, no feeling allergic, i may have some brain fog, but i’m not still sure.

    I wanted to ask you, if it’s still possible that i have candida overgrowht? or that i’m feeling a little better these two days because candida is busy eating all that yeast i have put into my body?. Likewise, i wanted to know which could be symptons that indicates that actually i’m having a bad reaction to eating bread?

    I’ll be very grateful if you can help me. Greetings to all
    pd: Sorry if my english is a little confusing.


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    If you’re not sure, then maybe try a stool test?

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