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    Hi. I had many strange symptoms for 6 years. Now I am 29. It begins with anxiety and ibs with diarhhea, but 5 years ago they become severe and many other symptoms added. My symptoms are:

    1. Chronic fatigue
    2. Brain fog, derealization
    3. Anxiety
    4. IBS-D
    5. Light, sound sensitivity
    6. Afterimages, visual snow
    7. Constant ringing in ears
    8. Cold hands
    9. Gas, bloating
    10. Hair loss
    11. Weight loss
    12. Feeling my heart beat in my head
    13. Cracking joints
    14. Many others, that are gone

    In the beginning my symptoms were so worse, that I stayed at home for 3 month. I usually had a panic attack, when I came out my house. Then, after 1 year my symptoms became less severe. I have much less derealization, panic attacks, no skipping heart beats, no cold feets.

    So, my worst symptoms are fatigue and brain fog. But fatigue is not as much physical, but mental. I can ride my bike for one hour, but I can’t think clearly and do some mental work (even speak) for a long time. Much of my symptoms are constant. I don’t have days when I feel normal.

    I had many bloodwork done and made different tests. It’s all ok, except this:

    My billirubin level is 40, it’s 2x higher, than normal level. I was tested positive with Gylberts syndrom and my doc said it’s nothing to worry about.

    My cholesterol level is high. HDL is normal, but LDL is 180.

    My vitamin D is very low. It’s 13, normal level is >30.

    I tested negative for: celiac, lyme, theroid, EBV, CMV, HIV. Many docs say my symptoms are anxiety related.

    I read a lot about candida, because my symtoms are very simmilar. I have very strong cravings for sugar. When I had a gluten free and sugar free diet, I had some relief. Also 2 months ago I started to take probiotics, and my IBS-D is 90% better now.

    So, I made a blood test for candida antibody IgG and it came back positive. I read, it can be positive with systemic candida, but also it can be positive in 10% of population. So, I wonder, if a can have a candida owergrowth problem.


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    Hi. Welcome to the forum.
    It is hard to proof that you have candida. My IgG test was also positive, but my stool test was negative. Thet best way to discover if you have candida is trying the diet and taking antifungals. If you experience die off, you’ll have candida. Most people with candida also have oral thrush.
    The cause of candida can be diet related, but most candida sufferers have taken antibiotics in their life. Another cause of candida is heavy metal poisoning. Your bilirubin is high, which can indicate impaired glutathione conjugation. This can impair the livers ability to get rid of heavy metals. These people might benefit from NAC supplementation.
    I also see you have gas. This can be related to enzyme problems. The solution here is to chew your food well and take some enzyme supplements combined with hydrochloric acid (very important!). If your stomach doesn’t make enough stomach acid, a lot of pathogens and parasites can enter your intestines. I recommend you to do a ‘burp test’. This test is easy to execute and very cheap.
    Most people with chronic fatigue, candida, … have adrenal insufficiency. This is an adverse stress reaction where you adrenals cannot make enough cortisol. This can lead to anxiety and brain fog. Most people with adrenal insuffiency will have recurrent migraines, have a distorted sleep pattern, low blood pressure, high LDL/low HDL, weight loss (inability to gain weight). Adrenal fatigue can be solved by taking vitamin C, B5 (pantothenic acid), adrenal cortex/glands and a bunch of herbs. People with adrenal fatigue usually are hypoglycemic, which means that their insulin levels are too high. A low carb/high protein diet is adviced.
    Cortisol also increased the body’s resistance to yeast infections.
    Adrenal fatigue is one of the precursors of thyroid problems. Typical symptoms are cold hands/feet, depression and hair loss. Thyroid problems can be solved by taking iodine and supplement with T3 and T4 hormone. There is no good medical test for thyroid problems! Measuring your T3/T4 or TSH levels will only discover an almost diseased thyroid. Real chronic/systemic conditions are not reveled in this kind of tests. The only way to discover them is to look at the symptoms, administer some supplementary hormone and see if the situation improves. Be careful! Thyroid hormone will increase the metabolism of steroids (like cortisol). Administering thyroid hormone without fixing your adrenals can make adrenal fatigue worse!
    The fact that you can’t think clearly is related to your brain fog which is a physical and not a mental problem.
    Most people with candida have low vitamin D. Mine was 19. The normal levels of vitamin D are generally too low. Low vitamin D can be related to bad fat uptake (lack of the lipase enzyme). You should take high doses of vitamin D3 with fatty meals. You may safely take up to 10000 IU/day.
    YOUR SYMPTOMS ARE NOT ANXIETY RELATED. Docs are so ignorant. It’s the exact opposite. Your anxiety is a symptom, not the cause of your problems. Anxiety is most likely relieved by fixing your adrenals. I have the most success with adrenal cortex extract.
    Heart palptations and light sensitivity might point towards mercury poisoning. I advice you to read ‘Amalgam Illness, Diagnosis and Treatment’ by Cutler. It is very usefull even if you don’t have mercury poisoning.

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