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    Im 35 vegetatian , smoke, drink too much coffee.

    I’ve had a candida penile candida rash on and off for a year.

    Maybe I did not use the cream right or long enough.

    Last time I asked doctor what to do , awanser was wash 2 times a day dry with a hair dryer and use creme(terbinafinhydrochlorid)

    It was away or all most away did not feel anything irritation , but I stopped for 8 days and after 5 it started to comeback, why is that?

    I will go to doctor again today and ask for advise.

    Dose that mean I have overgrov candida? I also have scale, and my anus can scratch at night:). I don’t think I have any of the real hardcore syntomes I’ve read about as brain fog and things like that.

    I have asthma been used medicine for about 31 years different kinds but always ones with steroides, and I have been vaccinated for grass allagi with was many shots 25 years ago.

    I’ve only had candida in groin 5 years ago but that went away with use og creme for 2 weeks.

    Maybe hard to tell but can anyone tell why I have candida? And is it overgrov? And can only be cure with the right diet plus the probiotics ?


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    I stopped for 8 days and after 5 it started to comeback, why is that?

    That’s because cream cannot cure a Candida infestation, it only treats the symptoms and not the cause.

    If you have Candida, you probably need to follow a treatment protocol. There’s one on the site.


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