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    Hello. If anyone is either an expert on Candida in men or has it and has same symptoms as me or has been cured PLEASE HELP. So I have been going through what seems to be definitely a Candida overgrowth but since no doctors know anything for sure here is my story. 3 years ago I had surgery to remove pilonidal cysts I had. Well something happened in the hospital because I noticed my first symptom at end of week after coming back. First symptom was I started having sexual issues and I was only 23 and was king my whole life hard all the time any time. Well literally that end of the week I shutdown , I started going down sooner and not getting as hard. At the time I thought it was other things. My sex drive then was gone completely then few days from that started noticing white patches on penis and cracking on skin kinda also pink or irritated. Well couple weeks after that my girlfriend for yeast infection and literally for almost next 3 years she battles them. We didn’t realize it was me causing it until she left country for 5 weeks and took antifungal insert of some kind and was completely clear and good first time ever. Well she came back we had Sex and boom yeast infection. This is when I knew it was me. Well I also started getting rash like bumps on head of penis and was tested so std. so I was reading about Candida act but doctors don’t know much of it. First they gave me some cream to use that did nothing then difulcan one dose did nothing then few months ago got week of diflucan and nothing. Well anyway I just started seeing a good doctor supppsedly and he did bloodwork and my test levels are really low for my age but we think it’s due to the yeast cause if you look up male Candida overgrowth I have most symptoms including , low sex drive , ED , joint and weakened tendon issues , anytime I’ve been hurt from my fight training I do I don’t fully heal ever since this all happens I heal like 80 percent but I can re injure my soft tissue injuries and joints easily. , fatigue , no energy ect. Now half of these are linked to the low test but I’m 26 so my test is low because something happened to me and what a coincidence I also give people yeast infections if I have sex and oh wait what a coincidence this all happened in the same week of my surgery. So it’s almost simple math that my sex drive was raging all my life and then literally same week of surgery went from godlike to pathetic and embarrassing and also that same week getting / causing yeast infections ? This seems all pointing to Candida. I did the spit test at home and it looks clear as day that it’s candida but I know those tests aren’t guarantee but just listen to all my symptoms I mentioned well anyway I’m seeing new doctor now and I’m 2 weeks into a month of diflucan , he also gave me hcg shots to help re kick start my test production I need someone who knows about this or has gone through same thing to let me know anything I’ll take any help I’m 26 and can’t go my whole life weakened , sex issues , and causing yeast infections. It’s the worst thing and it seems the longer I deal with this the more problems I’m getting until I’ll just be completely destroyed so someone please help me thanks!!!! Oh and Incase this helps anything at all bloodwork showed my test levels in 350 range my t3 thyroid levels were about half what they should be and my liver atf or whatever it’s called was high. Idk if that means anything in regards to this Candida but trying to give info. Thanks

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