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    Hello everyone.

    Really fed up, have had this skin condition since I was 15 after being on a cause of Antibiotics for spots. Skin is really red and flushed, my tongue is yellow….ish at the back.

    My doctor is terrible and told me its a common thing and not to worry about it, however I was told I have steroid induced rosacea caused by the antibiotics and candida overgrowth.

    I am trying the diet but its so difficult, please advise…..I struggle with breakfast ideas.

    I like the yogurt but know i cant have that at stage one. 🙁



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    Sorry to hear about your skin problem. Stick with the diet, if you can, because it will help. I’ve been taking a probiotic throughout the whole of stage one and I can see it helping my eczema… Plus the diet. I would try really researching your skin condition. When I first researched mine all it said was that I would have to be treated medically, however it can never be cured :s The more I researched the more “helpful” the information was and it lead me right back to Candida. Skin issues take a bit of time to clear up, even though we wish for over night cures, so give it time. As for breakfast options have you tried Quinoa? It actually a seed, not a grain, and it’s a complete protien. I love to put almonds in mine that I make with coconut milk and cinnimon. I am trying Buckwheat tomorrow for the first time, I will let you know how it goes. I have also found some almond milk (with no sugar) that I can use as a milk sub.
    All the best!


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    What stage are you on? We are very close in age… I’m turning 24 in December. I feel like our skin conditions and other problems that were caused by the candida overgrowth are somewhat a blessing in disguise especially since we are so young. Because of this diet, I have been researching Celiac Disease which is gluten intolerance or gluten allergy. The hardest part is getting through the cleanse and stage 1, there after you can pretty much create whatever you want using alternates for the ingredients you can’t have.

    As for breakfast, I found some cereal a few days ago that only contain brown rice, brown rice syrup, and salt. They are just like Rice Crispies. It’s called Erewhon Crispy Brown Rice Cereal; its Gluten Free and Organic. I bought some coconut milk from a can for only $1 to go along with it. The coconut milk is really thick so you have to dilute it with water but it tastes really similar to regular milk with a hint of coconut. Perfect combo. I also like to have boiled eggs and steamed broccoli in the morning. Keep in mind I am still on stage one 🙁


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    Hi, I’m still on stage one to be honest, I need to get into a set routine of what foods I can eat and the amounts I can eat. Once I have a decent routine that I feel works I’ll post it on here 😀


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    I feel you man. It’s starting this diet that’s the hardest. Learning the ropes.

    I LOVE poached eggs w/spinach, I sprinkle garlic on the spinach to give it a kick mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm and Millet muffins. some good bakeries (or whole foods maybe) sells Millet foods, incl. muffins, that are very very good


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    We stuck pretty strictly to the list of foods for stage one.
    Our favourite breakfast was poached eggs served on a bed of brown rice accompanied by fried tomatoes.
    We also made omelette’s with onion, tomato, spinach/silverbeet, cooked chicken and any herbs/spices we felt like having.
    Something we really like having now is a rice cake made by mixing cooked brown rice with one egg and any other ingredients you have in the fridge (chicken, tomatoes, onion, garlic, grated zucchini…) and herbs and spices (don’t forget the salt), then frying in a small amount of oil until it’s brown and crispy on the bottom so you can flip it in one piece and cook the other side the same. This one takes time to cook – use medium-low heat so it crisps without burning.
    The longer you’re on the diet, the more ideas you will have and try.
    It gets easier.

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