Making your own Stock

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    Hi all,

    Many of you may know hwo to make your own stock, but for those who don’t, I thought I’d just mention it. I never used to, always relying on bought stock cubes to add flavour to dishes. But with having to avoid all cubes/ packets/ additives at the moment, I’ve discovered a new way to hold on to that flavour!

    Basically, twice a week I slow roast a whole organic chicken (2 hours at least at a low heat, just some olive oil, salt & pepper, tightly covered). Remove the chicken off the bone and serve as you wish. Place all the bones & skin into a big pot with enough water to cover it. Add a whole heads worth of garlic cloves and 2 onions roughly chopped… and boil/ simmer for at leat an hour with a lid on. You’ll know you’ve boiled it enough when all the tiny bits of meat fall off the bone.

    Next, pull out all the bones, taking care to get every bit of tiny bone & grissle…. and you have chicken stock! If you want to heighten the flavour “reduce” it by boiling it on high heat with the lid off.

    I usually add lots of veggies (leeks, more onion & garlic, jerusalen artichokes, courgette) at this stage as well as a couple handfuls of buckwheat. Once their cooked through, whizz it up with a hand blender and you have a nice thick soup. Season to taste.


    (P.S. I slow cooked organic chicken wings the other day with a marinade I’d made up… and then “deglazed” all the lovely stick crunchy bits off the pan with boiling water afterwards and kept the liquid. It made a delicious gravy the following day on a piece of leftover roast chicken.)


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    Sounds yummy…will have to try this one.


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    I followed this recipe for Chicken Stock, minus the buckwheat and I added half a head of broccoli, these were the only changes. I kept one half stock and the other I blended with a hand-blender. I took 5 or 6 spoonfuls of it and two hours later I got horrible stomach pains, I couldn’t sleep with them they were so bad. I ran back and forth to the toilet three times in the night and the next day (it wasn’t pretty) I still wasn’t better. Its two days later and I still have bad pains in my stomach, all because of this recipe for Chicken Stock. If you are a Candida sufferer and you value your health I would NOT suggest making this stock. AVOID.

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