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    Have had candida for awhile now. Am trying to find a way to get nystatin (doctors not being of help). In the mean time trying to deal with thrush on the head of my penis. Antifungals make a small difference so am thinking of going a probiotic route that is known to disrupt candida and help with healing like saccharomyces boulardii. Haven’t found a cream for that. Figured I could possibly break open a capsule and add the small pellet/sand like contents to a thick gel like substance to apply to penis head. First thought was something like coconut oil BUT that is naturally antifungal and figured it might kill S. Boulardii as it’s a yeast. Don’t know that for a fact. Most gels I have available seem to have antifungal properties. What I do have at home that I figure might work is ghee and rendered fat.

    Any thoughts? Thanks

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