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    over the last couple of months I have been struggling with my candida overgrowth. I’ve only just started chelating with DMPS at 5mg and ALA at 6.25mg’s. I have very little money for supps,only the essential supps that I need for the Cutler Protocol. My main problem is candida from two decades of mercury exposure from amalgams.

    The main problem I have is with Ascorbic Acid with bicarbonate Soda buffered. I seem to tolerate the buffered vit c for a little while, and then I get this acidic burning down my anal tract. My stools either become mushy or it causes diahrrea. My food diet is limited due to the candida and mercury. I cannot tolerate high sulphur foods either due to mercury.

    My foods are Bison, lamb, chicken, vennison and ham which has not been treated with nytrates like supermarket ham.
    I have seeds like pumpkin and sunflower which are grounded up into powder.
    veg is limited to zuccini, yellow peppers, salad and olives in salt and mineral water only.

    Why am I having this problem with buffered Vit C. Is my candida overgrowth extremely bad that it causes my stomach to become overly acidic? I know that some of the meats I consume are acidic. If i leave off the VIt C for a week or two I seem to tolrate it again, but only for a short period, then I start getting the anal tract burning again. Sometimes I will get a hemerroidal pain before I pass the stool as well. I’ve had that hemerriodal pain even when not chelating occassionally before passing a mushy stool with some diahrrea. I’m lost about this. What is causing this??? Any help would be appreciated.


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