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    I have a few questions; I just thought about this morning after I went to the bathroom. I might call the nd this week to ask real quick though; even though we just talked the other day. I need to do that more often!

    when I had my consult the other day, the nd talked about magnesium, and how I really need to supplement with it, if I want easier bowels movements in the morning. He gave me a special MgCl blend. I think I like the Natural Calm better (Mg citrate), but I am noticing that every time I supplement with magnesium (maybe the MgCl). I seem to have fluid retention in the morning. I can feel it, and my face is a little puffy. what does this indicate?

    I do have a history of kidney problems, had a kidney stone back in 2006, have always had trouble peeing in my life. However, the peeing has gotten better this past year, but still acts up at times. Also, remember that I do have gastroparesis and no colon, so I might draw in extra water. One final note, remember me posting about me having osteopenia (my ankles are finally skinny again, pleo form and supplementing with a fish oil that has vitamin d has helped with joint pain).

    So, my questions?

    1. Should I start supplementing with a little calcium to counteract that attack of fluid retention? However, I want to be able to go to the bathroom. I have been having problems getting out stools, even with no colon. I have to (gross), open up my butthole it seems like a lot to get it to start (maybe have hemorrhoids), having a scope done on April 14th to check just in case with the local gi. Plus, I need some calcium. I have been eating goat yogurt in the morning sometimes with no ill effects, like cow dairy.

    2. Also, I have wondered about the thyroid/calcium connection. Did something probably I shouldn’t have done at work the other day. I opened up my own chart at the hospital, and back from December 2012, nobody ever told me, my thyroid levels were low.

    3. Plus, I know I don’t like to take in extra salt because it makes me feel generally icky, water retention, too. I even starting noticing with supplements with iodine. I stopped eating seaweed right now, even though I love it, because of all the iodine!

    4. So, is this all just general no colon reason why or a mixture of no colon/thyroid/osteopenia/kidney problems? I have thought about trying to support my kidney’s more; I have been doing juniper berry at times, and it helps with detoxing. Also, I think vitamin b6 puts me in a better mood, and seems to help with peeing. Plus, I know sweating helps me remove fluid.

    Thoughts/connections/etc.? Thanks everyone!

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