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    Well, we are entering our personal stage on diet for the kid soon.

    I have determined that the kids cannot survive the stress of having no fruit. I looked at all the fruits and it appears that if it grows on a tree, it has the lowest score (except oranges). If it comes from a bush, it probably isn’t good. If it grows low to the ground, chances are slim.

    so apples pears peaches apricots plums and cherries(best) are what we’ll go with.

    basically no berries, no melons, no tropical fruit, no dried fruit and no blended fruit or any fruit juice.



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    Check out this website to see how many grams of sugar are per serving of different vegetables and fruit:


    Onions have about 3g of sugar per serving, and red apples have about 19g of sugar. If possible, keep it under 25g of sugar intake per day. This is what I recommend for adults, but since this is a very small child, I would consider total elimination of sugars or maybe under 10g a day.



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    I’ll let you know how it goes, but unfortunately my wife basically ruled out the fruit free diet. We give all three kids a pretty good amount of fruit.

    It might take longer this way but the goal is simply to maintain home sanity by eliminating nasty outbreaks that may be due to a sugar shock.

    I know Able disagrees with this strategy, but for the moment it is all I can do. We’re setting our goals low I guess. But remember, if the skin rashes go away, really that is the only symptom we can pinpoint, our 2yr old is very verbal, but she is not able to communicate, generally, how she feels, except of course by whining and crying, which is half the time. 😀


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    Some of the lowest sugar-content fruits are grapefruits, papayas, strawberries, and Granny Smith apples. Among the highest are bananas, dates, and figs. If your children will eat avocados, this would be the perfect addition to your diet.


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