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    Hi All,

    I am doing some reading, and one website is claiming that low carb diets tend to worsen thyroid function, which in worsens candida. So, low carb diets cause candida indirectly according to them

    I was approaching it with the “low sugar, low carb” mentality, but they’re saying that these things aren’t the cause of candida – thyroid problems is.

    I typically disregard websites like this, but this one is pretty convincing. Furthermore, I do have hypothyroidism and it has gotten worse since starting the candida diet. I also just introduced quinoa because I’ve been feeling sick (they say this happens amongst thyroid sufferers sometimes), and I’ve been feeling much better. Doesn’t seem like a coincidence to me.

    Here’s the link. Please let me know what you guys think.


    P.S. This website also offers some other opinions such as that fish oil contributes to leaky gut. Seems like bogus but wanted to run it by you guys.



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    I don’t think low carb diets cause candida but depending on what you eat, it could contribute i.e moulds in peanuts.
    I currently am doing the carnivore diet which is basically zero carbs and all my symptoms go away after a couple of days, its also a lot easier than the traditional candida diets.
    The candida diet is basically a keto diet with increased restrictions due to factors such as mould, allergens, waste products etc.
    Would recommend attempting a carnivore diet if you would like to be symptom free a lot faster.


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    Hi Tyler

    Interesting article! I suffer from Hashimoto’s and since then lots of other problems startet (blood suger issues, Candida, Sibo, Adrenal Fatigue). I agree that if you suffer from hypothyroidism it is not the best idea to go very low-carb. I noticed that two years ago when I was fighting Candida and SIBO for the first time. The diet helped but I have felt awful. My T3 went downwards. I had to reintroduce carbs earlier than the diet suggested. With carbs I felt immediately better. But, unfortunately, the Candida came back very quickly (at least SIBO was gone).
    So, know I have begun with the Ultimate Candida diet. The same problem. In the book they say that this diet is not low-carb. But from veggies you can’t get enough carbs and those carbs are not the ones that keeps your T3 up. Other carbs, from grains, are more or less forbidden. Ok, Quinoa, millet and buckwheat. But if I eat normal portions of those I get bloated – so, a sign that Candida is back.

    What I do not agree with the article is the claim that Candida is the root cause of hypothyroidism. I think it is more the fact that hypothyroidism leads to a weaker immune system that can lead to Candida. But there are many other reasons for having a weak immune system. For the second time now within 4 years I suffer from Candida. Both times it began after pregnancy (that weakens the immune system).

    So, after reintroducing more carbs – does it work for you?


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