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    male, 18 years old

    i found out about candida bacteria because my main problem is seborrheic dermatitis, which i have for more then 7 years when the winter starts.
    i have 18 other symptoms as well (i’m being really honest here):
    itching sensation in my intimate parts, impotence (from time to time), mood swings, constant tiredness, irritability, joint pain (my right wrist), short attention span, unexplainable lack of energy, acne, respiratory infections (in my throat all the time), skin lesions, shortness of breath, food allergies (nuts, kiwi), increased craving for simple carbohydrates, eczema, jumpy legs, blurred vision (a little bit.)

    question no.1: Do you need candida diet for the rest of your life or can you live healthy after a candida die-off? Is it enough to have this diet untill i get rid of all the problems and then switch to bio food diet or to figure out how to use food to enhance my body and boost my immune system? can i get resistant to candida with anything else than this diet? because i know people that don’t have candida diet and they’re completely healthy.

    question no.2: Is this a major problem in like all the people that have problems with skin or with digestion or depression and so on? If anyone is having some of the symptoms, are candida the major cause of the problems? how many % of people suffer from candida?

    question no.3: Is it possible that i am genetically bad and candida do more harm to me? why can some people eat bad food and not be sick of candida? (sometimes they’re sick when they’re 40, i’m 18) why some people eat healthy food with dairy products, fruits and gluten and don’t get sick? can a person with bad genes create a healthy resistant body so he/she doesn’t have to be so strict about the diet?

    question no.4: Is there anything that can make your breath better at least for 1 hour or 2 and is not harmful while i’m on candida diet? because i stink and girls don’t like that 😛

    question no.5: If my girlfriend have candida (she has depression issues and digestion issues) and i kiss with her and lick her vagina and she licks my penis.. can she transmit bacteria into my body and diet will be for nothing? i heard they’re all over your body and that your partner has to be on a diet too, so diet will be useful. and if you have sexual relationship with people that have candida and are not on the diet (people with symptoms), and you don’t have problems with candida anymore, can you be resistant to them if you eat food that doesn’t feed them?

    These question were bugging me for a few days. Thank you for your answers, i hope they will change big things in my life. If the questions has already be answered and i said that i got the answer, give me your opinion anyways. maybe it can help me anyways.


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    Hello Metamorph, welcome to the forum.

    Here are my answers to your questions:

    1)You will only need to do the candida diet for a few months to 18 months to completely heal; the timespan differs depending on how ill you are with it. I have done the diet for 4 solid months now and I am starting to eat more regular foods slowly.

    2)Candida is a major epidemic problem; its hard to quantify how many people are ill with it, but almost anyone that has taken large amounts of antibiotics sometime in their life could possibly have an imbalance and are susceptible.

    3)Has nothing to do with genetics, more with lifestyle and diet. I wouldn’t worry about your genes…

    4)Brush your teeth more or try the oil pulling (see the oral thrush post and do a search for it).

    5)It is possible for it to be transmitted, if you both do the oil pulling beforehand then there is much less of a chance of anything being transferred. I wouldn’t worry about it too much; if you both have weak immune systems then you both could possibly have candida. If she has a strong immune system, then I wouldn’t worry as much. This is something that hasn’t been researched but just more of an unsubstantiated rumor/situation that is hard to verify scientifically. There are stories out there, but it’d be more common if it was easily transmitted.

    Suggestion for her digestion problems: chew your food 20-30 times per each bite, this is how much you need to chew your food for proper digestion.


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