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    Hello fellow internet users!

    23 year old male here. I’ve been considering the possibility that I have a candida overgrowth, however I find it a little bit difficult to diagnose. My symptoms:
    – fungus toenail
    – tongue is a little white in the back
    – yeast infection in private area (almost healed)
    – ringworm (healed)
    – perhaps a little more tired than other people
    – lack of focus and motivation
    – after eating raw onion and/or garlic I do get a light headache indicating Herxheimer’s reaction

    I’m looking for some feedback on my plan to heal. My diet will consist of:
    – Meat, fish and egg yolks. Mainly organic meat however not always
    – Olive oil (unheated), coconut oil, clarified butter
    – Raw garlic, raw onion, seaweed (for iodine), avocado
    – One big sweet potato per week for vitamin A
    – Cauliflower, lemon and parsley for vitamin C (one whole lemon per day, one whole cauliflower per week)
    – 100g dark chocolate (85% or 90% cocoa, Lindt) per week
    – Bone broth
    Then probiotics every day as much as possible and I will try to stay vitamin D saturated (from the sun).

    I also have one question which is something that seems to conflict with many candida websites out there. Is there any reason candida would not ferment on fiber? Wikipedia mentions it doesn’t ferment on lactose, but doesn’t mention any other type of carbohydrate. Does candida ferment on fiber?

    Also I’m a little worried about the fact that all natural antifungals are also antibacterial…

    Would appreciate any feedback! Thanks


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    I would cut out the chocolate and eat only chicken and fish…no beef or pork which takes days to digest vs. chicken and fish which take hours to digest. I’d also reconsider the sweet potato because this will benefit the yeast.

    I recommend getting the candia5 hypo-sensitization test for positive diagnosis.

    I tell most people to plan on a 6-18 month recovery…it took me 3-4 years personally.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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