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    Hey everyone. I’m a long-time candida sufferer here. Apparently I’ve had issues either since I was little, or otherwise as far back as I could remember is 17 or 18. It all started with Bloat and Should Swelling/Pain, moving to more and more frequent bowel movements, rashes in various places(primarily psoriasis-like in the scalp and losing hair) and more immediate bowel movements by the age of 24, very frequent(nightly to weekly) sleep paralysis by age 25(though it’s happened since I was little, but once every few years tops from what I can remember), and a list below of total symptoms at the age of 29(currently 29 years of age):

    Symptoms at their Worst(from my experience):
    Chronic Sinus Infections or Irritations
    Constant or On/Off Bloat to varying degrees(especially after eating or drinking)
    Urgent bowel movements immediately after eating/drinking, during, or shortly after
    Very painful/difficult bowel movements, feeling like a tie between constipation and diarrhea
    Frequent soft stool or diarrhea
    Lots of Gas either built up or expelled shortly after eating or drinking
    Stool smells especially fowl, like the inside of the world’s worst sewer
    Stool smells almost exactly like what you just ate
    Burning after bowel movement (not the expected kind from spicy foods either)
    Urinating frequently
    Urine smells almost exactly what you just drank
    On/Off Joint pains, finger joints, back-right shoulder blade and left shoulder/neck area, and others
    Frequently dry/chapped lips (enough to necessitate the use of chapstick)
    Frequently dry eyes (enough to necessitate the use of drops)
    Frequent cravings for “something sweet”
    Still hungry even shortly after eating and/or after gut irritation sets in
    Severe psoriasis-like symptoms on or all over the scalp, and other areas with hair
    Odd smell (that of bread or weed) from areas with the above irritation of scalp
    Hair loss
    Brain Fog after eating or drinking(kind of feels like being tipsy, but without the fun or distortion… just the awkward relaxation and clumsiness)
    Memory loss
    Frequent Exhaustion(I’m talking, time to pass out with not even enough energy to simply communicate with others)
    Exhaustion after eating or after bowel movement
    ​Depression, Apathy, Irritability, or other mood swing from Exhaustion
    Muscle weakness
    Very slow muscle recovery time(2 weeks as opposed to the normal 1-3 days)
    Random patches of Eczema for short or long periods of time on various parts of the body
    Redness, Itchiness, Dryness around Nostrils, bridge between eyebrows(if you wear glasses), eyebrows, corner/index of eyes, eyelids, corner/index of lips (feels a lot like sunburn)
    Tenderness, dryness, and stinging under the ear lobes at the index/fold, and perineum(taint)
    Extreme pain (sharp and burning) after eating accompanied by severe abdominal swelling
    Infrequent, but strong stomach pain when drinking alcohol, sugary drinks, sodas, or fruit drinks(usually within a few seconds after a shot or drink of something with low to high alcohol content)
    Shortness of breath after eating(like you’re breathing through a straw all of a sudden)
    When consuming anything sugary, you get the feeling of being relaxed and even “tipsy”, without the fun part
    High white blood cell count after eating and having pain (took an ER visit to find this one out, for me)
    Very thin or thick of “fuzzy white” coating on tongue(or even just a stripe in the far back)
    Dry cuticles and toes, flaking, or even cracking
    Phantom Gal Bladder pains
    Slow weight gain

    Other Possible Symptoms(can’t directly link to candida however):
    Sleep Apnea
    Frequent Sleep Paralysis
    (I still can’t figure out why being in a area/zone of light prevents this)

    Essentially I had to be my own doctor, as I had been to over a dozen general, infectious disease, and GI doctors with ZERO luck(over the course of a year). They really want to push Anti-depressant and IBS-D medications on you don’t they? Jeez.

    Eventually, with enough googling and paying attention to my body, I discovered at the age of 29(right after my bday! happy birthday to me) what was going on and felt VERY positive of it at that point. I got started on these medications below:

    Nystatin 400mg Daily
    Candex 4 capsules Daily
    Ultimate Flora 1 capsule Daily, 30bil/8strain
    Diet of fresh cooked chicken/salmon + veggies

    It made an incredible difference and I could actually go out in public again without hovering around a toilet! Not to mention I could eat nearly anything, though I’m still terrified of baked goods, alcohols, and sweets and avoid those at all costs. It seems as though lately it’s just stopped working entirely; So I had to switch things up.

    Medications Now:

    Nystatin/Amphotericin 50mg Daily
    Diflucan 200mg Daily
    BioFase 1575mg Daily (3 capsules)
    Ultimate Flora 1 capsule Daily, 100bil/12strain
    Diet of fresh cooked chicken/salmon + veggies
    (this is a really hard diet to stick to)

    Should I be taking anything else aside from these medications?

    I just want to go back to a normal life, where I can enjoy a shot, wine, or beer once a month, and be in public without worrying about crapping my pants. I basically have the insides of an 85 year old 🙁


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    Be sure to take liver support supplements because the diflucan/nystatin’s side effects are liver damage. These organs should be carefully monitored by a physician for health. It sounds like you don’t have any kind of detox plan and if you don’t create one, you should continue to feel like crap.

    The gas problems are likely caused by deficiencies in stomach acid:

    Here are some other important posts:

    The exhaustion is likely related to thyroid and adrenal health so I would consider getting thyroid checked out or create a plan to address this. A good naturopath could get you on a plan where you take iodine, etc.



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    Thanks for the mind-grenade!

    I’m still reading through all of this and making sure I understand it. A slew of good data 🙂

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