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    I have been on the strict diet more than a month. I do take molybdenum and milk thistle. I feel my liver is filled with toxin from die off. I am wondering if I should do hulda liver cleanse at this point by using Epsom salt. If not what are other ways I can get rid of toxins? Thanks.


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    I would consider doing the liver cleanse once die-off is over. Are you over die-off yet? If you do the cleanse and still have die-off it might not do much if it gets damaged again afterwards. In other words, its more effective to clean up the garbage once it is not being produced as much.



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    Accupuncture can help give your liver a boost no matter what stage you are at.


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    I would highly recommend doing the Hulda liver cleanse. See my experiences here–Liver-Flush.aspx

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