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    AW :
    I’m sorry you’re in pain. I can really relate with that feeling of still having to go after I just did pee. I thought for a little while I had interstitial cystitis, a lifelong condition of the bladder being inflamed.


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    i was diagnosed with ic based on symptoms alone i now believe i have yeast and not ic as i also have had frequent infections and skin rashes .

    thank u i feel your pain as well . its aweful to have bladder /vaginal pain and always feel like we have to pee ,i used to sit on the toilet and let it drip out and push but thats bad for the bladder so dont do that .no matter what i always feel like i have to pee anyway ,been like this for a year and a half since the birth of my daughter .

    my issues are from a poor diet and antibiotics givin to me when they had no idea what was going on .i came to the docs with uti pain but no infection so they fed me loads of antibiotics !
    then my bladder directly started to hurt and the uti like pain disappeared, it made sex possible but still painful,one of the worst things about pelvic pain is u cant really talk about it to people and dont look sick .my coworkers and friends have no idea how much pain im in ! i mean u cant just b like my vagina really hurts !

    i do tell close friends i have pelvic pain and even they reply with well u look great !
    they really dont get it just because i look ok dosent mean im not in alot of pain !

    my friend last night tried to sympathize with me on it and he has a bad ankle so kinda gets the whole not looking sick thing but even he seems to not really understand !well thats why i have u guys !


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    Hey fixme, there is a mouthwash that we sell at my store that is made with teatree oil. You should check it out. I haven’t ever had thrush, but teatree oil is a very powerful antifungal, I know a lot of people who use it. I use it because I get break-outs on my lips.


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    hope – I think you hit on one of the hardest things I’ve had with all of this…when you have an acute problem, like the flu, surgery, broken bone, etc., people will rush to your aid and help you through it…when you have a chronic problem, like candida (and a million chronic diseases), people get tired of hearing about it, and because it’s chronic, you learn to function through it, even if you feel like shit all the time, so people don’t really bother to help you.

    I have had to sit down and explain this a few times to some folks closest to me and I think they are finally starting to get that what I’m doing isn’t just “a diet” – it’s me trying to get myself and my life back…and the more they help support me through it, the faster we can get to a point where I don’t talk about food 24/7! :p

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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