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    Anyone here experiencing lipomas? I have lipomas and cysts throughout my body. Lipomas all in my legs and arms, small in sign but some pinching nerves. I find that when my candida ou symptoms are at its worse, my lipomas itch as well. The disease is supposed to be dercums disease. However, after doing research, I have found that it could be caused by liver congestion as well as a natural defense in blocking off parasites under the skin. I know I have candida and parasites. I had a lipoma on my neck about the size of 2 quarters and it came in conjunction with my acid reflux and tietzes/mg. Also, the lymph node under my ear inflamed at the same time. So lipoma + lymph node + tietzes + gerd… its all linked together. I have found people have had results with reducing lipomas using garlic and being on the candida diet as well as taking herbs and enzymes for parasites. Im a bit scared at this point in time. I have so many health problems, its unreal, and every doctor I see just tells me nothing is wrong with me and that I am “crazy” and need to go home and stop worrying about this. All comments welcome! I am really interested in trying to get rid of these cysts and lipomas.


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    Hi Fizzlex,

    So glad I found your post. I too have been experiencing lipomas which itch and are painful. They are mostly located around my abdomen (both sides), particularly between the hip bone and the rib cage. They seem to get really bad if I drink any alcohol (fermented sugar – candida?) so I now completely abstain until I have found a way to erradicate them. They are not confined to this area as I have very small ones in my thighs and bicep areas. What’s strange is that they appear to be symmetrical also? What appears on the left will appear on the right etc???

    Interesting that you mention that you have so many health problems? I do too and in fact the lipomas have been secondary to my other issues. In relation to what you mentioned above, I too have acid reflux and enlarged lymph nodes. In fact the painful inflammation of of the lymph node under my left ear is the symptom that started a whole other range of symptoms….

    My issues started in Jan 2013. It coincides with a rigorous juice detox that I was doing which I believe was too much for my congested liver. Basically my body crashed hard and I ended up in hospital with very high blood pressure. I knew something was really wrong and I proved to be a medical mystery. All blood tests were normal, yet I felt I was dying! I had chronic fatigue, insomnia (adrenal issues), thyroid issues, enlarged lymph nodes, dry eyes / white pitted tongue, intestinal issues, very stiff / aching and clicky neck, horrible tinnitus, bloating stomach with diharrea & constipation, the list goes on.

    A hair analysis revealed high amounts of lead and low essential mineral levels. My guess is that the juice detox worked too well and just dumped lots of heavy metals and toxins into my bloodstream which completely overwhelmed my liver and created all the issues which I am battling. However, as slow a process as it is, I am slowly recovering but it is going to take some time for me to regain my health. My lipomas have also started to reduce in size in the last 4 weeks

    So, not suggesting that you have an issue with heavy metals as well but they do go hand in hand with Candida sometimes. I know I have candida issues and I believe that they are linked to the lipomas as well.

    Let me know if the symptoms I describe above are familiar and if you want to know what is working for me. I feel that after 18 months, I’m now on the right track to recovery. Let me know how you’re getting on?


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