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    So, I have been on the diet again for about a month. I fell off the wagon at Thanksgiving and Christmas. I had a rash on my lips at the beginning of January. I had to use cortisone to soothe it but then stopped, I don’t like using too much of it. As an experiement, because I got rid of my chelitis permanently with it, I started using my antifungal cream (naftin 2%) on my lips every night for two weeks. I had no rash at all, but of course I was also on the diet. Today, in the afternoon, which is unusual, usually the rash only crops up in the morning, I got a bump on my bottom lip and two on my upper lip. Usually the rash attacks my lower lip first… I am so discouraged.

    The only thing that I have done diffently today is I started oregano oil instead of another antifungal and I had what we call a cold buster shot at the Co-op. It is comprised of echinacea, ginger, cayenne pepper and I believe a little apple juice. I have done this before with no rash. I have had no sugar, no bread, hardly any carbs, taking 10 million probiotics… I am so tired of thinking about this all the time and taking all this stuff…

    Does anybody out there have any advice for me with the lip rash. For a long time, I stopped using all lip products except vaseline but that didn’t seem to help. Are there any products anyone has tried that has eased the pain and/or rashes on their skin or lips. I need to know there is someone out there who has fixed this problem… And if you did fix a rash, how long was it before you did?

    I go in for product allergy testing on Friday, but I don’t think that is what it is… I would like food testing but have to do the product testing first. I keep thinking what a miracle it would be if it is a product but I don’t think that it is… Otherwise, why would the rash get somewhat better on the diet?

    Any information would be helpful or suggestions. Thank you!


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    I believe you likely have angular chilitis.

    The only way to defeat it that I know of is to reduce the candida numbers internally, and then external problems will diminish.

    If you detox via the liver, this should help remove the garbage that is re-circulating in the body. Detoxing via the skin by sweating should also do this.



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    The angular chelitis went away last summer when I did my first cleanse and used the cream. I haven’t had it since. This is only on my lip area. It hasn’t ever even been around my lips. I don’t know anybody else with this problem at all.


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    Hello, Katie.
    Vaseline can’t heal your lips anymore than anything else you rub on them; this is used only in an attempt to make them more comfortable; for example, if they’re feeling extremely dry and sore all the time. The only cure is like Raster wrote, from the inside out.

    oregano oil instead of another antifungal and I had what we call a cold buster shot at the Co-op. It is comprised of echinacea, ginger, cayenne pepper and I believe a little apple juice

    These are the only two things that were a change from your normal routine, so chances are very good that one or both of these are the cause of the breakout at this time. Stop taking the oil for several days in case the breakout is the toxins being secreted via the skin around the lips. Don’t replace the oil with another antifungal at this time.

    By the way, just because the cold-buster shot didn’t bother you at one point doesn’t mean that it can’t at another time. There are no rules with Candida albicans as I’m sure you’re aware of, other than they can and will get worse if given even the slightest chance. You’re still killing the Candida with the diet and probiotics.



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    Hey Able, thanks for answering… The rash is a bit better today with no intervention. I think it might have been a reaction to the cayenne. The skin on my lips is very delicate now and I wonder it some of it may have stayed on my lips for a while. I have already decided to stop the cold buster shots for a while. Although it is a bummer, because I am encountering so many sick people right now and I don’t want to get a cold or the flu! Anyway, I am going to keep trying the oregano oil and see, but since the swelling went down somewhat, I don’t think it was the oil.

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