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    I’m 40 years old and have had yeast infections on and off since I was 20. For 20 years I’ve suffered from depression, fatigue, dizziness, ears itchy, ringing, vaginal yeast; all the symptoms making me miserable. I’ve gone to countless doctors who couldn’t help me. I’ve done this to myself by eating a diet high in sugar and starchy carbs. I’m finally curing this with diet; supplements and antifungals. Trust me, coming from someone who’s had this for 20 years, I’m curing myself and my symptoms are disappearing.
    Every day I eat protein, veggies and fat; not starchy veggies(no potatoes, yams, carrots,beats)
    take antifungals…virgin coconut oil; 2 tablespoons a day and whole cloves of garlic, 4 a day, crushed and mixed into a glass of water(garlic tonic)
    take supplements to boost your immune system: vitamin A, D, C and zinc.
    Stay on this for months and don’t cheat. I feel very clear, very alert, not depressed; like a giant fog has been lifted.
    But don’t cheat: no grains, no wine, no cheese, no chocolate; no starch. I find when I cheat, the symptoms come back immediately.
    Good luck!!


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    Only thing is if you are dealing with leaky gut, like I am, then supplements don’t do any good, since body not absorbing them.


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    hi I am doing exactly what you are doing. Unfortunatley i changed my diet 9 weeks ago and have been constipated for 3 weeks. I have an impacted colon. I believe I got this after trying candida clear supplements and the die off was severe, i probably had a toxic die off landing in my colon. My digestion is terrible and I am so ill. I have to admit that if I fell off the wagon i would feel 10 times worse so Im glad Im able to stick with it. I just wish i had realised in advance the dangers of sudden die off. Im under the doctor now and i pray the treatment will work.
    I have lost 2 and a half stone so far and I actually look much better and my skin is lovely so it as showed its advantages is some ways.
    Do you plan to stick with this permanently or are you going to reintoduce foods in the future? I want to stick to this and have the odd treat when i can . I love garlic but I have severe stomach pain after eating it even capsules react badly , shame .


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    Stage 1 has been really successful for me. I nixed the detox so the die-off is probably more gradual and I’ve had few side effects. Rather than the detox I’m taking an herbal supplement that helps to promote die-off only at a slower pace.

    I’ve found the foods in Stage 1 very satisfying and have had little or no sugar cravings.

    In a little less than 3 weeks I’ve lost 13lbs. I haven’t counted calories but have noticed since cutting out the sugars and processed foods that my appetite has been cut in half.

    I think I’m going to continue the herbs for a second month and try to keep eating according to stage 1 before reintroducing foods, although I may increase the quantities I eat to sustain an exercise program.


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    I also had candida… AND LEAKY GUT. I thought it was the candida coming back so I went for a blood test plus they did a resistance test. No Candida.

    Then, after much reading and searching, I discovered I must have leaky gut.

    I have the whole post on my blog if you are interested in reading it. I did get rid of the leaky gut.


    I also have a lot of other problems caused by candida that I am working on. I am feeling so much better though.


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    i think i have candida and leaky gut, i made a post about my symptoms. but after eating shit for so long i gained over 100 pounds developed pcos, allergys, anxiety and irrability like no tomorrow. im going to try my best and change my diet.

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