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    Hello all, I would like to engage in this new way of eating. I am so overwhelmed with all the info! Where can I start?! I am getting books from the library, joining forums :), reading on the internet. I need a good place to start, please help!


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    I would start out by educating yourself by listening to some Dr. Mcoombs; he is one of the top candida experts and created his own plan to fight candida. We don’t like his plan on the forum though because he promotes eating starch, fruit, and his own products which aren’t any better than what you can purchase on your own on the open market for less.


    However the information he provides is great and there is a lot to learn from him. He also has some youtube videos.

    Fruit contains sugar which is candida’s favorite thing to feed on. Starches convert to sugar which taxes the body and isn’t good for the diet. We like things a bit more strict on the forum.

    A great way to heal faster than what we can provide here on the forum is to find a good naturopathic doctor who has treated people with candida hundreds of times. Remember they occur like colors of the rainbow so finding a good one might be difficult.



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    The best way to learn is reading and then follow-up with questions.


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