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    I’ve been on the strict diet 16 months and for about the last 4 i’ve had to greatly reduce the variations of foods and other things because of leaky gut. No buckwheat, no greek yoghurt, no kefir of any kind.. Its basically been allowed veg, allowed meat and fish, coconut oil and olive oil.

    I’ve been on chicken bone broth about 2 weeks, firstly one cup a day, now two, and on Friday I had nothing but broth other than one meal of allowed things i dont react to at lunch.

    I think I’ve been getting die off from the broth as when I have a cup that has lots of the jelly/gelatinous stuff, it makes me feel sick. Plus acne! Big white puss filled pimples. I hope that’s a good sign?

    But last night i had turkey. Not organic but from an expensive shop that only sells good quality meat. My reactions arent major though and takes about two weeks to show up usually. Last nights reaction was an increase in my tongue feeling fuzzy and pressure in my head. This morning I woke up and felt a bit better but not completely. Then I had some coconut bread and the symptoms came right back. I also had some broth too this morning as well as a salad smoothie with allowed veg.

    I’m assuming its a reaction rather than die off but i cant fully be sure. I’m scared of eating anything now in case i react to more things so again today i’m going to try to have nothing but broth.

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