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    I went to see a nathorpath today and she gave me all sorts of supplements. Some are part of a full homotoxicology detox protocol and some are based on issues I’ve been having…one of which is yeast infections but I’ve had other issues too.

    I spent a crapton of money on these supplements and like the idea of being told by an md how to detox. However, most of the supplements have lactose as an inactive ingredient. These supps were 200 bucks. Is this gunna be a prob? I’m hoping this detox, along w my diet, will get me to a good place


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    Are they standard process supplements? Some of mine contain lactose and it hasn’t been a problem…also some contain nutritional yeast and honey. In general, my thoughts on this are that its a very low amount of potentially bad ingredients and it should bring more benefit than detriment.

    What is the list of stuff you got btw?

    I am guessing digestive enzymes, SF722, milk thistle, vitamins, minerals, homeopathics, etc.



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    Actually its weird homeopathic stuff I’ve never heard of before. Sepia, lycopodium, pusatilla, glyoxal compsitum. These sorta supplements seem big in the homeopathic realm based on some research I’ve done.

    Glad to hear it shouldn’t be too much of a problem!

    But as a side note, I do take milk thistle, sf722, cod liver oil, vitamin a and d, and tons of othr stuff I read abt on this forum. I soo appreciate what u guys put together…I never thought id have the strength and motivation to stick to it, but I have and I’m def seeing a difference


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    Lactose is a natural product.

    It is no problem for most people of caucasian descent.
    It is a big problem for most people of other descent, and for caucasians with lactose intolerance. The severity of the problem depends, of course, on the amount of lactose you take.

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