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    Of different products on the market containing beneficial bacteria in capsules versus C. Albicans, i’ve tried 2 different products (in Denmark): Multidofilus and Lactocare.

    It seems so, that after some time, the effect of the pills fade out. The first 30 pills from Lactocare made a huge difference (first time introduced). The second time I bought a box with 60 pills, and after 10 something the effect faded out.

    The same thing happens with Multidophilus: First 10 pills where effective, then I took a break from them because of the heavy dieoff effect they had on C. albcans. I’m taking them again now, after 12 days break only using the right yoghurt in larger amounts (and of course, diet an nystatin (pills and oral susp.). Now they hardly have any effect, if any. It seems like they all are dead?

    How easy do the difference stems of bacteria die off in capsules? The multidophilus pills must be kept refrigerated, Lactocare not. AFAIK, the stems of acidophilus have a lot more likelihood to survive in a refrigerated environment.

    Hope someone can help here. 🙂 And sorry if there is any typo’s.


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    Your probiotics only contain 7 billion cfu of probiotic per capsule and ideally you need 30-90 billion per day. We recommend the probiotics found in this post:


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