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    I’m suffering from really bad brain fog and adhering to the stage one cleanse as strictly as can be. Is it okay to drink kombucha (even when there’s small amounts of sugar) while in stage one phase?

    Also, is there anything to help the head fog?

    I’m desperate to overcome this so any suggestions or advice would be so good. Thank you


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    Have you checked out the forum diet and protocol here?

    Are you taking molybdenum amino acid chelate?


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    I have asked about Kombucha a few times with little response. I’m currently brewing Kombucha at home but I’m waiting to drink it. Once I start getting a little betting I will test kombucha on my diet. I’m currently using healthy strains of bacteria and yeast that typically fight Candida.

    GT’s also looks to have s. Boulardii and Ganeden bc30 strains which are great. But with any food not on the strict list you must be careful.

    And like what Alex said, molybdenum amino acid chelate is great and is very cheap.


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    Thanks for the info on Kombucha!

    And, yeah I’ve looked at the forum diet and protocol (almost obsessvely). It’s just nervewrecking to consume anything with sugar in it- even the small quantities in Kombucha. Is it correct the good bacteria eats up all the sugars?


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    One of the issues I’ve heard with regular kombucha consumption is that it can be a mild antibiotic (like apple cider vinegar), which would obviously be counterproductive to what we’re doing. Of course, that’s just what someone else has said. I have no first-hand data, since I stopped drinking kombucha before I started the diet.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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