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    Hi Everyone!

    My first post here 🙂

    Seem to be getting conflicting info regarding whether or not fermented products are OK to eat on Stage 1, is kimchi OK?

    I made up some home made kimchi a while back (before I started this diet).  It contains white cabbage, carrot, apple, ginger, garlic, red pepper, salt.  My question is: is it OK to eat?  On the surface, no, because of the apple and carrot, but as it is not full of pro-biotics, is it in fact, OK to eat?  Will the sugars from the carrot and apple have ‘tainted’ it, making a ‘no no’ for those on the candida diet, ESPECIALLY, on Stage 1?

    Many thanks for reading and hoping for further clarification.

    KC 🙂


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    If you used a culture to ferment the kimchi and not vinegar, I think it would be fine especially if there is not a ton of carrots or apple. The probiotics in the cultured kimchi will feed on the carrots and apples anyway and they will multiply like crazy. Thus, this will provide a battleground for the good bacteria to invade and fight the bad bacteria. One word of caution though: Because the probiotics will dominate, you will probably have die off symptoms from all the toxins and candida being killed. But, in the long run you will feel much better because you need all those probiotics to heal your gut and crowd out the candida. I have had kimchi on my candida diet and even though I felt the die off symptoms, I never got sick when everyone else came down with colds all around me! I wash my hands, but some viruses are airborne! So, that kimchi kept me from getting sick when my kids were coughing and sneezing, etc. It was too spicy to give to them or I would have give it to them. But, they were given kombucha and kefir and got over their sickness in a day. I am not a doctor, and I won’t claim that this works for everyone. I am just telling you what kimchi has done for me! The good far outweighs the bad. 🙂

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