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    This is an example for an idea that makes sense but have no idea if it holds any water.

    Can you boil your water for pasta with a large clove of garlic in it to kill the sugar, or the ability for the sugar to feed the yeast. I’m asking this because there was an article for adding garlic to grains for diabetic patients.

    However stabilizing the glucose might not be the same as killing the sugar in pasta, or grains period. Us vegans don’t have a lot to eat and I’m looking for ways to makes pasta, a filling carb, a neutral Candida feeder, buy boiling an antifungal with the grains or soaking etc.

    You know Able and Thomas you lab results for their information to us. What is the process for locating a lab that would free lance tests that a person would want done. Like this one, to boil pasta in garlic and take a live culture of Candida and watch the pasta under microscrope to see if the live Candida ate the pasta with and with garlic and if there was any difference. I can think of a dozen tests to try things that would make our diet not as challenging.

    At least this would be better than sitting around and waiting of new into to pop up to report. We could step up and call our own shots. Doesn’t seem that complicated. Are there such labs. I know there are Compound Pharmacies that for me one time made a insulin trial for my cat, and it worked. He substituted one substance for another but legally couldn’t guarantee anything.


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    Couldn’t you just try buckwheat noodles/pasta? Regular pasta has little nutritional benefit, so you’re “filling” yourself with empty calories that do nothing for your health. Wholewheat pasta isn’t so bad (well, it would be for candida), but you’re better off avoiding gluten until you’re better, and limiting carbs in general.

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