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    I have been following the detox diet since Sunday, and with the exception of Wednesday of this week, I have followed it exactly. I know that it will work with time, but is there anything that I can do kill the yeast on my skin?

    I have had a vaginal yeast infection that has occured with my period for 6 months. The first few months I used monastat and was fine. Then in October I had a really bad yeast attack and had oral, vaginal, and anal yeast infections, got diflucan. But found this website in November and decided that the drugs just weren’t for me since drugs gave me this problem in the first place. I have been following the diet on the website, then found your new and improved protocal.

    This month my vaginal yeast infection was only internal and not on the external labia. Would this be an improvement due to the diet or am I just grasping at straws?

    But the internal one still hurts, and basically I’m asking if there is anything that I can put on my skin to kill the little beasts while I’m killing them from the inside too?
    One woman suggested apple cider vinegar, I’ve done if for a few days and the skin turned white and is starting to fall off, but it is still sore and red, but I can’t tell if it’s new skin or the yeast infection still there.


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    I have also heard about Apple Cider Vinegar couple of times.
    However I cannot tell u if its all true since I havent done it myself.

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