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    So I’m on day 2 of no sugar in any form, cheese, or fungus, or nuts. I slept 8 hours and woke up tired and nauseous. Last time i tried this diet I vomited in the middle of Whole Foods on day 2 and gave up. Is this how addicted to sugar I have become? Are these withdrawals? I had a hard time staying awake on my drive to work. When does it get easier?


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    Hello, Claire, and welcome to the forum.

    It sounds as though you’re already experiencing die-off symptoms, which is possible if you’re used to large amounts of sugar and simple carbohydrates such as potatoes, bread, sweet products, etc. If you’ve not already done so, be sure the read the post titled “Die-off Dangers” and at least purchase the Molybdenum if not both products named. This will help considerably in lessening the die-off effects. Also be sure that you’re obtaining enough calories from the foods you’re eating. Look at the recipes on the site under the heading of “Recipes” and try some of these, especially the coconut bread as it will help to add nutrients as well as calories.

    You didn’t mention bread not being on your diet, but you should be avoiding any wheat and gluten products during the treatment for Candida. Also avoid soda drinks, both diet and regular as the alcohol sugars in the diet drinks will feed the Candida just the same as sugar, plus the carbonation adds to the toxins that the liver has to deal with. Try to avoid red meat and pork altogether as they produce ammonial when the proteins are broken down, again, causing a larger workload on the liver which is already overworked with the toxins from the Canaida.

    You need to drink a lot of water throughout your treatment to keep the toxins moving out of your body. The toxins WILL make you sick if you don’t keep them at a minimum, the Molybdenum will help this.

    Check your toothpaste for sugar alcohols which can feed Candida just the same as regular sugar can. The ingredients in Desert Essence Natural Tea Tree Oil Toothpaste should be alright for Candida sufferers. Amazon carries this brand.

    Also, most table salts contain Dextrose which is glucose, which is a sugar capable of feeding the Candida. Himalayan sea salt which is the purest form of salt with many life-sustaining minerals still intact, does not contain added ingredients.

    You “will” get used to this diet, but you’ll have to give it time just like anything else in life.

    How long have you had Candida and what are your symptoms?

    Let us know if you have other questions or concerns.


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    I haven’t had any bread either. I’ve basically eaten lots of green vegies, steamed green beans, hard boiled egg, baked chicken with onions, long-grain brown rice. I want to try boiling the vegetables tonight or tomorrow. And I have ginger for making tea.

    I have had tinea versacolor in the past and the topical treatments really never worked. I felt like it was only really just treating the symptom and not the cause. I noticed after a weekend of making lots of particularly bad food decisions, that I have a couple light spots on my back.

    Thanks for reminding me to drink lots of water. Filling my glass now 🙂


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    It gets easier when you body has rid yourself of many of the toxins…this can take 2 weeks to 3 months (or longer). To fully recover from candida, it can take as long as 6-18 months (to eat normal food again).

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