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    Hi all,

    My internet searches have turned up very polarizing views about being in ketosis when trying to control a candida infestation. Some of the “experts” (Eric Baker) suggest a 3-month diet that would put one in ketosis and then you add things in slowly. Mccombs and others say you can eat things like rice (I wouldn’t, but I am just giving examples). Does anyone have personal experiences with this? I find when I have been in ketosis, my lower belly swelling is minimal. But if it feeds my candida… No thanks! I did do a search and read some of the responses, but I would like to bring it up again in hopes of getting even more info.



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    It is pretty stupid, since yeast get very aggressive when not given a medium to feed on (carbs, curtain minerals etc).
    On top of that, your endocrine system such as the adrenals will have to put out a lot of hormone to keep stable blood sugar levels, leading to more adrenal fatigue (controversial).
    Elevated cortisol suppresses normal immunefunction.

    Overall, it’s not a good deal in my humble, not-at-all-a-doctor opinion 😉

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