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    Hello everyone,

    I have question concerning Kefir, I see that Kefir is listed as Food to Eat because Kefir has good bacteria, but every Kefir I found in my supermarket has yeast in it! We are trying to fight yeast not get more into our body.

    Did I miss something here? Is Kefir in my supermarket actually some bad product, is there Kefir without yeast etc.?

    PLEASE someone answer me this…

    Best regards, Makragic


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    Yeast consumed orally is not dangerous. It is destroyed completely by the stomach acid.



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    Honestly you should just make your own you will save money and get more probiotics for your money. The best time to take them from what I’ve found is on a full stomach, especially if you over eat. Which you shouldn’t as most autoimmune’s revolve around poor digestion, as the food undigested by the system feeds things like candida, sibo, etc. Because when you over eat your stomach acids are lower allowing the bacteria a better chance to reach the gut, but also allowing for more undigested foods to pass and contribute to candida, etc.

    I turn my kefir into ice cream sweetened with fruit, by mixing the kefir with some heavy whipping cream “whipped up” and letting it sit for 12-24 hours then adding some fruits like banana or oranges and freezing. You can also turn it into cream cheese for cheese cakes etc, by straining it. Granted freezing does inhibit some of the bacteria making it less likely to reach the gut, but it’s likely on par with store bought stuff if not still better.


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    I recommend kefir only for short periods of time during your treatment. A lot of kefir contains candida strains and we haven’t seen anyone here on the forum “cure” themselves with kefir consumption. Eventually the fermented foods will benefit the yeast in the long term.


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