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    Hi all,

    I just started making kefir after sourcing grains locally. However, I just strained it this morning after attempting to ferment for 3 days (with the weather being chilly). My kefir grains were curdling and lumpy at the top but the milk itself, whilst reducing in portion, was still watery. It tasted pretty horrible as well and I would describe it like cheesy,watery alcohol. The grains upon receipt smelt like off cheese so I don’t know if this is how its meant to smell. I am attempting a second batch at the moment and will leave it for longer than 3 days and see what happens. Could it be because the grains aren’t good or because I am using a different milk to the seller?

    I have no idea what I’m doing wrong. I bought a commercially made kefir on the weekend and I didn’t mind having this. However, it has 8g of sugar per serving and isn’t organic so I don’t want to make this product a frequent purchase of mine. I have googled the kefir making process and have a general understanding of how it works/what is required but am not understanding the result that I am getting!

    Any help appreciated. Thank you 🙂


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    I’m more experienced with water kefir grains but maybe some of my experiences will help you.

    With water kefir grains, when you first get them, they generally need a rehydration process to activate them fully……. I’m assuming it’s similar for milk grains?

    Another thing is if I leave my water kefir grains for longer than 48 hours to ferment, they start to take on a weird smell because water kefir will eventually turn to vinegar like substance if left too long. So maybe that happens with milk kefir? You get kind of an off smelly milk if left too long?

    You also don’t want to get into a habit of leaving your grains in too long because that can starve them and hurt them.

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