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    So I decided to make Kefir on the 24th October.
    I used a Kefir starter kit, containing dehydrated grains, fully expecting them to become the cauliflower type grains after a few days of using them.
    I followed the instructions, Kefir was made and didn’t taste too bad.
    After a week of this, I decided to buy some real Kefir grains from the Happykombucha website
    I placed them in 500ml goats milk (not the litre recommended, but was told this was fine). The website said the first couple of batches may seem extra yeasty as they are the first to ‘wake up’ and the good bacteria awaken after a week (4-5 batches). This is supposedly still ok to drink.

    So the first of this new batch (36 hour fermentation) was too yeasty for me. I sipped a little, placed it in the fridge, no problem. Started the next batch.
    Late last night I smelled some of it to see if it was any better. I did not taste any.
    About 10 minutes later I had a tight chest and restricted sinuses (reaction). Got slowly better, and I went to sleep.

    Now two separate times today I sipped a little of the first batch and smelled it, and soon after got the same feeling as last night, but shorter duration. I spat the kefir out as it was still too yeasty. I felt a little bit of a headache as well. Within 10 minutes I was fine.

    So my questions are:

    1. I know I’m having reactions to the yeast (even just smelling it), but should I continue culturing the kefir for the bacteria to arise, or is it not working?
    2. Has anyone else had similar experiences?

    Thanks for any help.


    Topics: 12
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    Hoping someone could still give me insight on this.

    Just wondering why I would be getting tight chested after merely sipping the kefir.

    I recently contacted the happykombucha company, they suggested trying to culture in more milk or try soya or coconut milk for the taste.
    I was told that kefir is supposed to taste sour and I think the yeast taste is now normal?


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    There is a good hypotheses about this disease (Candida related complex/fungi related disease) being “nothing more” then a type I hypersensitivity to c. albicans and thereby related autoimmune issues towards other yeasts that looks like the albicans protiens/antigens. So that reactions will sometimes happen with mold and other fungi in general.

    If any one has a note to this, send me a PM, I’m not on this site much any longer.

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