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    Hi All,
    Few questions.
    Been on Able’s strict diet for almost 2 weeks now. Everything is going well.
    I just made my own Kefir (yogurhmet) and had a tsp last night. I love it btw 🙂
    I will increase a tsp each day.
    My questions are: can I increase by a tbsp rather then tsp? And when can I start having twice a day?

    I Bought the grains a few days ago and am just starting to hydrate them…so excited to try the grains too!!
    I bought yogurt starter as well :))

    Also as I’m introducing new foods, how will I know the difference between die off and reaction to a food?

    Since I started kefir yesterday, how long do I wait to add the next food?
    I am going to add oat bran then coconut flour then buckwheat then the chicken and fish.
    I’d also like to start chia seeds, hemp seeds and all my vitamins.
    Do I wait with all of these til after I introduce the foods?

    So far I’m just taking coconut oil (I’m only up to 1 tsp in morning and night bc of exhaustion die off), molybdenum and milk thistle and nettle leaf.

    Thanks for any advice!


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    I’d work your way up to a larger dose of kefir before you start to add in new foods because you need to determine what symptoms are caused by the kefir vs. the new foods. You need to try everything seperately to determine whether its a benefit or detriment.



    Topics: 5
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    Thanks Raster.

    So far my digestion has been much better since starting the diet. My small problem has been with bloating and gas at night time. I just started the digestive bitters 2 days ago after dinner only. I’d like to start taking it before meals and the hcl betaine after meals. Should I wait to do this until I’ve upped the kefir?

    Can I take the kefir twice a day and increase by a tsp each time?

    Thanks again!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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