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    Hey I was wondering if anyone in the UK on this forum grows themselves or knows where I can get good kefir grains to make loads of kefir?

    I recently bought some Hydrated Kefir from this trippy hippy site, paid 8 pounds and got a very small amount of hydrated Kefir grains, so ultimately was disappointed.

    Would love any better alternatives if anyone has any?



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    Ebay is a good place to look. I just ordered some from France. I also noticed that has them back in stock after being out for a while. Shipping takes about 2 days with DHL.


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    I’m trying to get my hands on some too! I found this site: which have grains for sale on the first of the month and the majority of their proceeds go to charity.

    I also found this one:

    Hope this helps


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    I’ve bought mine from two seperate people on ebay Uk and both i’ve had no problem with. Those who sell them on there seem to sell only kefir so you can look at their feedback to check they’re ok.


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    I buy mine from (or .com – not sure). They are helpful, friendly and efficient.


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