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    Hi, I just moved to England, and everything is new to me. So I wonder if anyone can be so kind at tell me what kind food brands that are recommended on the diet, or foods for that matter. Yoghurt, Kefir brands etc.

    I am just looking for brands that are Good on the diet! 🙂

    Ps, also if anyone knows any water brands that don’t contain fluoride and chloride.


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    Welcome to England :).

    The best brands for organic yoghurt are yeovalley and rachel’s both do plain greek style yoghurts and taste delicious. You will find numerous other local brands in health food stores and farm shops, but these are the main commercial ones, although marks and spencers has just released their own organic yoghurt.

    Ready made kefir can be purchased in some supermarkets in chilled world food sections or from polish specialist shops. However I am dubious as to how probiotic these products are. A good brand available from some health food stores in called nourish. It is expensive and hard to come by though, your best bet would be purchasing your own grains, easily available from ebay.

    As far as other food unless you have a good food supplier by you buying online from shops like goodnessdirect.co.uk is probably easiest and cheapest, heres a voucher for £10 off your first shop http://www.goodnessdirect.co.uk/cgi-local/frameset/landing/79.html.

    I’m afraid I can’t help on the water front.



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    Yes, welcome to England! Jo’s suggestions are excellent and I’d also like to recommend red23.co.uk they have lots of great products and whenever I order from them I get my order the next day!

    Can’t help with the water either, sorry.


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    Hi and Welcome to England!

    I just have a Brita Water Filter which you can pick up quite cheaply from most of the major supermarkets, I’d just go with that as I can’t think of a water brand.



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    Fage is better than the other brands of yoghurt and Able recommends it in his list of yoghurts. It has more probiotics than the other brands.

    Dont buy commercial kefir. Buy your own grains to make up yourself from an individual who grows them and shares it out. I got mine from someone on ebay.

    There are plenty of good UK online health food shops. I like Healthy Supplies and Luxe Beauty Company for when you cant get certain things in supermarkets. But there’s also iHerb who will ship to the UK.

    I’ve been on this diet 5 months and there’s been nothing I havent been able to get hold of.

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