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    1 – Fifteen years of Ulcerative Colitis
    2 – In 2005 had my large intestine taken out
    3 – Been feeling great for 4 years
    4 – Month ago strange taste in mouth started
    5 – Old stomach symptoms came back a week into nystatin treatment
    6 – Was hospitalized for a week, just got back (Dehydrated, lost 20 pounds in 3 weeks)

    My GI said I had a small intestine infection (Poutchitis) gave me anti-biotics Metrondiazole (flagyl) to see if could clear up infection.

    After a week of the meds I feel MUCH better.

    Also had a doc look at my throat and listen to my pasty mouth and weird mouth unbalance, he said he was 99.9% sure it wasn’t Candida.

    I still have the weird mouth taste stuff going on, pasty white tongue and at this point I’m not sure WHAT is going on (do I have Candida or not). I almost feel like walking into a clinic and getting a test – is there an official test for it? Blood test or something.

    I’ve tried the spit test and sometimes nothing happens and other times it gets all foggy and a bit if the “legs” go down but not as much as all the pics on the web. Plus, I have nothing to compare it to (what spit is NORMALLY supposed to look like) so that has left me with a big question mark over my head.

    Is there an official test than one can have in a clinic to see, FACTUALLY if I have to stick to the diet or not? I just met this girl and it’s getting in the way of me knowing if we can kiss, have sex etc.

    Any help would be appreciated,


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    with your large intestine removed, it could be difficult to detox. I am a newbie, but I do know one thing, antibiotics and antifungals are a sure fire way to contract health problems with resistant Candida later, especially if you have a sugary diet.

    Make sure to begin taking probiotics that is a very important part of healing naturally, and especially if you have Candida. Even if you do not, the probiotics are nutritious and strengthen your immune system.

    I wonder how the doctor can be 99% sure it isn’t Candida, did he give you any kind of explanation? Has he ever treated anyone for Candida?

    I don’t know much about testing, I’m looking for answers myself.

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