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    Hey everyone!

    I’ve been having recurring infection symptoms since I had my son in October 2012. I’ve taken two rounds of Diflucan generic, and one round of antibiotics and my symptoms clear up, only to return a few days after finishing each course. My OB prescribed the antibiotics because he wasn’t sure what else to do, he said. I read up online and started taking a quality Probiotic and GSE pills (100 mg/day) with it. This time it took a week and a half to come back, instead of 4 days. I’ve also been on a ketogenic diet for 10 weeks, so I’m already eating very low carb/sugar. I was hoping that would do it, but my symptoms are coming back again. Grrr.

    So, I’m ready to do this Candida Diet protocol for real. My husband and I are getting ready to do the “Colon Cleanse” stage 1 option. We’re hoping that since we’re already eating VLC it won’t be quite as draining. We’ve already gotten over our carb cravings, thank God. But we know it will still be challenging. Here’s our plan so far. I’m hoping for some encouragement, since this is pretty extreme and new to us.

    Stage 1: We’ll be doing the Broth/Detox/Liver Flush drinks for 7 days, and taking “NOW Foods Nac-Acetyl Cysteine 600mg with Selenium & Molybdenum” and 3000 mg Vitamin C daily.

    Stage 2: Strict diet as recommended, plus a good Probiotic, Coconut Oil daily, alternating Grapefruit Seed Extract capsules and Olive Leaf extract as anti-fungals.

    My questions are:
    1. I have a hiatal hernia. I have taken Prilosec OTC for 9 years. I’ve heard that the reduced acidity from using Prilosec helps the Candida. Do I keep taking this during Stage 1 & 2? If I stop taking it, and experience intense heartburn again, what can I do for that during those stages?

    2. During stage 1, do I keep taking the Probiotic and 100 mg of GSE that I have been taking? I thought I should, and then increase the dosage of both once I start stage 2. I see that they recommend up to 300 mg daily of GSE, and that I could be taking a probiotic with more cultures (the one i’m taking now has 42 billion, which seems like a lot to me, but I guess I could get one with more).

    Any advice/help is greatly appreciated!

    Sarah Joy


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    Sounds a bit like me, after my baby kept feeling like I had uti and yeast infection they would give me antibiotics and I’d just keep getting yeast infections!

    I think u may need one more antifungal to rotate like coconut oil

    Your probiotics have to b above 30 billion but u should probably b taking much more, I plan on doing 4 30 billion renew life a day and drinking kefir

    U are so lucky to have your hubby doing diet ! It would make things 100 times easier 4 me mine was. Good luck & happy healing!


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    Hey, welcome. I don’t have an answer to your first question about Prilosec. As for your second question, the detox/colon cleanse phase is just that: it cleans you out. As such, I’ve read that taking probiotics during that time is sort of a waste of money. Maybe someone else can weigh in on that point, too.

    A couple of knowledgeable forum members have compiled alternate versions of the cleanse and the strict diet, including a modified food list that’s more restrictive than the one on the website. Most people on the forum are using this version. I can personally attest that it’s been working for me!

    Protocol for the cleanse: http://www.thecandidadiet.com/forum/yaf_postst997_Proper-and-Safe-Cleanse.aspx
    Protocol for the strict diet: http://www.thecandidadiet.com/forum/yaf_postst1334_From-Able-and-Raster-The-Protocol.aspx
    If you’d like the stricter food list, you can send a message to Able900 asking him.

    Good luck with it! It sounds like you might have somewhat of an easier time than a lot of us, since you’re already eating VLC and since you’ll be there to support each other.


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    I’ve found that my stomach acid issues have chilled out (for the most part) on the cleanse/strict diet. They flare up a little when I add a new food back in, but if I ease it in slowly, my tum-tum acclimates fairly well.


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    Shayfo – Thank you so much! I’m very glad I asked, even if it means exchanging some of the supplements I just ordered. Real experience from real people is invaluable!

    Alex – That’s great to hear. I’ll try going without it. Thank you!


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    foolishheart;34052 wrote: Hey everyone!

    My questions are:
    1. I have a hiatal hernia. I have taken Prilosec OTC for 9 years. I’ve heard that the reduced acidity from using Prilosec helps the Candida. Do I keep taking this during Stage 1 & 2? If I stop taking it, and experience intense heartburn again, what can I do for that during those stages?

    Hello Sarah,

    I also have hiatus hernia. It is one of diagnosis I got during my search for answers with doctors. This info was very useful for me as it explained my chest pain that felt like heart attack 🙂

    Well, I took meds for a little while, but then stopped because of the treatment. I did kind of suffer through it and stayed off the meds. It will be tough on you if you eat large meals with lots of fiber, which kind of did it for me. Also, lemon water bugged me for some reason, probably because the food and acid was going back up and made it all sore, so I took it in the middle of my meal on full stomach and that hurt less. I can tell you that in a while, after you start getting better, this will go away. Very rarely I feel some discomfort now, and I eat a HUGE salad for lunch. I tried doing five-six smaller meals per day, but I was doing nothing but eating all day and planning those little meals was just draining me. I went back to three meals a day and suffered through it until it got better.

    So few things to watch out for and make it easier (you might know this already and I apologize if I am repeating it):
    – Watch out for lots of fiber which takes a while to digest, the longer it takes to digest the more chance of it climbing up and doing damage which turns into heartburn
    – Watch out for any kind of lifting after meals or bending over — everything got so much better for me when I stopped lifting my girls and they learned to climb out of cribs by themselves and dress themselves etc. That lifting and bending over was killing me
    – Do not eat too late, give yourself couple of hours to digest the food and stay upright for those two hours (so no dozing off in front of TV ha-ha).

    I am off the medication and now rarely get slight discomfort when I overdo with hot and spicy food (oh yes, about a month ago I reintroduced hot peppers and black pepper and how happy I am about it that I do not react to it any longer) but didn’t have any heartburn in a while.

    Best of luck to you!



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    Thank you Arijana, that is great information!

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