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    I do not even know what to say…

    I found this site while researching Florajen which the Pharmacist recommended (I had been taking Florastor which the GYN nurse recommended)because they actually ordered the Florajen 3 which I hear is better for gastro than gyno? Anyway I took one last night and about an hour later…let’s just say, um, it was like a COLON BLOW OUT 🙂 Not what I was expecting.

    I didn’t even know a site like this existed – I am reading a thousand posts here, mind spinning…I’ll sum up (some might be TMI but I want to make sure I give all details):

    recurring yeast infections/uti more or less all my life but not like lately

    went off dairy (lactose intolerance diagnosed) last November and that is when it started
    yeast or bacterial EVERY month, with sex or without sex (but seems to coincide with intercourse)for almost a YEAR now…(same partner, monogamous)

    have had ALL testing to confirm no immunity deficiency due to STD or diabetes…even had a trans vaginal songram and an (OUCH) Uterine Biopsy…I am checked out top to bottom and NO ONE can seem to figure this out…have had every cream – don’t even look at Monistat anymore that is for amateurs 😉 even a new one called gynostat? didn’t work. Even with a Diflucan as well – just finished 2x 3day Terazol just in time for my cycle to start…yay…have had week long diflucan regimes…NOTHING WORKS. GYN (old one as I have just changed docs!!) said “sometimes this just happens…” GEE THANKS!!

    we do everything they tell us – wash before wash after we barely do anything but missionary…no interior ejaculate…no KY or lubricant…cotton undies…sleep without undies whenever possible…was on florastor 2 x per day for months…switched to florajen 3 last night and BAM and hence found you guys this am….after a loooong night of stomach distress and super sexy poop attacks…yuck!

    One thing I saw that struck me dumb that I read from another user was the burning, feeling like I have to pee all the time – that is EXACTLY it – like my bladder is full but hardly anything comes out…I have even been to the urologist, they checked my bladder as my mom and grand mom had to have theirs surgically put back into place at one point…NOTHING WRONG…I have even tried Plain Yogurt in there…nope.

    So….diet???? I have tried to eliminate sugar, but I am an addict. I am 100% Clean and Sober, sex and chocolate were my fixes and well now I hardly have the first which makes me want the second all the time and I have a feeling all that is about to stop. (Remember – Lactose intolerant – milk, cream, ice cream and yogurt give me horrid sharp pains and massive issues – can do a little butter and aged cheddar if you can believe that does not bother me…)

    PLEASE Help. I am in your hands. I will do ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING.

    OMG I am so glad to have found this site. I actually have HOPE now.


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