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    I’ve suffered from fatigue for over 20 years and have found some relief from being treated for hypothyroidism and sleep apnea but I’m still not feeling great.

    Sometimes I feel sick for no apparent reason. When I do get sick, I wonder if I’m actually getting sick or just having one of those yucky days where I feel sick and then feel fine the next day.

    I drank a lot of beer in my younger days and when I got away from drinking, the sugar cravings took over. I’ve always had a thing for white flour although I do try to limit it.

    I did a search yesterday on why I feel sick for no reason and found a website with 3 suggestions: parasites, allergies or Candida. I was then led to a test about Candida and I scored in the worst possible category. I’ve suspected Candida (and possibly a gluten intolerance) for some time but have never really done much to try to take care of it. I guess I’m going to look into it further now.

    I also suspect mercury poisoning because I once had a mercury filling fall out and I have no idea what happened to it. My fear is that I swallowed it. I’m not sure if it’s possible that it’s still in there if I did swallow it. I guess I should mention that to my dr who is semi-holistic.

    Anyhow, I just wanted to say hello. Hopefully I can learn more and start feeling better. Yesterday I started taking probiotics again and also a spoon of coconut oil with a drop of oil of oregano on it. Fortunately I had all of these things in the house.


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