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    I hope someone finds time to read this and provide some thoughts. I refuse to believe all these changes I’ve experienced are just “coincidence”. Alot of them must be linked.

    The best way I think is to list the symptoms I’ve experienced over the past 2 to 2.5 years. I’ve been to the doctors about 15 times in this time, and they are pretty stumped but due to my high stress levels previously, they seemed to only focus on that.

    I’m going to be using this list to help me on other forums and with my doctor, so it isn’t all completely Candida related but I do believe I have an issue. I can relate the majority of the symptoms I list to starting a new job. The new job caused extreme stress, which ultimately led to anxiety and feeling depressed. The good news is, my mind is much healthier now and I am not stressed but I still have physical problems. Below is everything I have experienced. I still have the majority of them.

    – White coated tongue (Oral thrush, been diagnosed a few times over the years and once in the past 2 years). Turns orange at times.
    – Have been diagnosed with penile thrush in the past, and experienced similar symptoms the past 2 years.
    – Exhaustion and fatigue (Could have been stress related) Don’t suffer anywhere near as much as a year ago.
    – Stringy saliva. This is very bizarre and have had it for a while. I can only explain it as what might happen with extreme dehydration but I drink a very good amount of water. I can rarely get rid of this saliva. It is horrible, it clings to the side of my mouth. This just isn’t right at all in my eyes.
    – Diagnosed with IBS. Experience flatulence, bloating, poor digestion. etc
    – Suffer with mild psorasis.
    – Joint pain, particularly my knee and lower back but issues with other joints too (Some could be to do with office job) (Psorasis can cause joint pain)
    – Brain fog. More forgetful. (Again could have been the stress, much better now)
    – Raynauds has definitely become an issue in the past year. Getting painful recently, toes are probably the worst. The circulation in hands and feet is terrible.
    – Muscles became incredibly tight and weak.(I have begun yoga 2/3 times a week)
    – Blood in stool.
    – Blood on toilet paper (Had 3 episodes in one day recently, bright blood)
    – Moderate exercise could cause me to be exhausted for days, with a feeling of emptiness and hunger which although I’d consumed 1000’s of calories afterwards would still give me a weird emptyness feeling 3 days later. As I’ve been exercising for a year now (Cycling and football), this has massively reduced but still don’t have the power and endurance that I did a few years ago.
    – Dizziness and light headedness.
    – Quite a low resting heartrate (<55). Lowest is around 50. I’m 6 foot 5, 94kg.
    – Male pattern baldness. I don’t remember ever noticing it 2.5 years ago. It could be just bad timing but I have my suspicions about my gut health and poor circulation having an impact on this.
    – Urine always foamy, has an odour and is yellow. Bizarrely the most frequent time it is clear, is only after sport/cycling.
    – Semen quality/consistency is poor and also shows similar characteristics to the saliva. Nice! It’s weird.
    – Seem to become worse when having consumed a higher amount of carbs/sugar than usual. I’ve cut down a huge amount of both of these.
    – Seem to experience pain in my sides. Possibly in the kidney location.
    – I can get out of breath very easily at the start of exercise, and takes me ages to warm up during exercise.
    – I do have other things I’ve experienced but I think these are much more minor.

    I have been on the diet for a few weeks before and did see benefits to some of these symptoms, like the white tongue. I have struggled to come to terms with the fact that the doctors can’t really help me and don’t really acknowledge some of the symptoms. The only thing I’ve been sent to a specialist for is the psoriasis and now the back/joint pain.

    I plan to start a routine when I get in my new house. However I exercise regularly and eat well already. So I do feel cheated sometimes when I’m literally still exhausted during moderate exercise and daily life. (I’m 26).

    I understand there’s a large list here and don’t expect anyone to go through and comment on each one. But it would be interesting for someone to pick out the Candida based ones.


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    I’ve been through most of what you have described. Been doing this 5 years and doctors are no help to me. It sounds like you could have multiple things going on. The flatulence, bloating, and not digesting well could actually be SIBO. Blood in the stool could be ulcerative colitis or food intolerance.

    My situation is a snowball effect and it seems like yours is too. I took heavy antibiotics and then my body went ape shit. The only way I was able to get health back was to go on super strict diet AKA the candida diet. It took 1.5 years to get back to normal with just diet.

    Basically the antibiotics allowed a candida overgrowth, which led to leaky gut and caused me to have all sorts of food intolerance and sensitivities. At first, I wasnt as strict as I should have been on diet and the foods I ate caused me to have chronic inflammation, which in turn over worked my adrenals. Tie all this together and you have one messed up body with lots of problems.

    Start with the candida diet and do it for a month with no cheating. This will typically give you most of your energy back if you do indeed have candida. This will also help heal your adrenals if you do have inflammation from foods.


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    Hi R2R.

    Thanks for the response and your thoughts. It’s very difficult to understand what the issue is when there’s so many conditions that it could be! So many symptoms. I’ve been aware something wasn’t right for a number of years (5+), but never knew what. The stress recently etc just tipped my body over the edge, it seems.

    I need to commit to preparing myself to start this properly. Over Christmas I am going to begin my reading and planning. If you know of any particular helpful links on these forums/websites, please let me know. Is the book worth getting?

    Interesting to hear your experience. I’m convinced I must have an intolerence to something like wheat/gluten. Can just tell that my gut is not healthy at the moment. Shame, I’ve always loved bread.

    Time to tackle it.

    Are you “fully” recovered now?


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    Im not sure what fully recovered is anymore. The first time my body went ape shit after antibiotics I went on a super strict diet for almost two years without cheating. I was in such bad shape that it literally scarred me mentally and i was afraid to ever relapse back to the state I was once in. After 2 years I thought all my problems were gone, but I still stayed on a good diet but would cheat with some bread, beer, healthy snack bars, etc. Nothing crazy and by no means a normal western diet. I did ok with only minor symptoms that I just ignored, I slowly became sensitive to all the major allergen foods, milk, gluten, soy, corn over a two year period.

    I ended up getting the flu back in January and it set me way back. I was having all sorts of digestive trouble and couldnt cheat on my diet or I would feel like complete crap and exhausted. Had new symptoms come up as well, such as horrible brain fog and depression for no reason. Had to go back to square one again and im 1.5 months into a dvjorge protocol on steroids. At two months I will switch to just s boulardii and a salt water enema once a week and slowly try to add foods back. As of right now, I feel great like my old self, the only difference is I pretty much eat the same few foods everyday of my life to maintain my good health. You get used to it kind of, but it really took a toll on my social life, since everything from dating to hanging out with friends involves foods I cant have and alcohol I cant have.


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    That is amazing will power to go for two years without cheating. That is rough, becoming sensitive to all the major allergen foods though. Not sure what dvjorge protocol is, sounds intense. I really could do without getting to that point of having to eat the same stuff each day to feel ok. I feel for you as socialising is heavily dependant on food and alcohol like you say.

    There must be so many people suffering from something similar really and just get on it. Sometimes I wish that was me, but I have thought about health issues for far too long, which is frustrating at times. Over Christmas, I’d say that my symptoms reduced significantly and I feel that is due to possibly being completely relaxed (Until I ate a little bit too much and could barely move).

    It’s crazy that I feel pretty much all my issues came from starting a new job. I moved away from home friends and family, completely under estimated that. Too much stress and anxiety. Horrible. Don’t wish it on anyone. I ended up grinding my teeth at night and biting pens at work, it damaged my teeth quite a bit until I got a night guard. It’s so obvious now that I had an issue, I dunno how I didn’t focus on sorting it quicker. I feel let down by various people and don’t understand why I didn’t seek help from works HR (but I could barely think straight at times). I guess I should think about it more positively as “I came out the other end and did a good job” and just need to let go a bit.

    Hopefully the routine I am about to follow should be good enough for me to get back to “normal”. My head feels alot clearer, my IBS seems calmed. Although NYE really hit me hard and feel like my kidneys have a dull ache…that was my own stupid fault and really regretted it the next couple of days (I had horrible hangxiety). I am going to focus hard on my routine and be sensible else I’ll never get anywhere.

    I am tempted to see a naturopath or something, but I believe they are so costly! Have you tried anything like this, or just worked everything out on your own?


    king tut
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    I found minimal help with all the various naturopaths I saw. Not one could connect the dots. After listening to tons of podcasts on the subject and reading health books by the main people like Dr Hyman and Dr Kresser etc., I am baffled that none of the naturopaths even connected all my symptoms to the gut. If you can find a good one that knows how to deal with the condition, great. But I haven’t had much luck with that. I have had so much more success by doing my own research than I ever did with the paid medical community. If I were you, I would just start by eliminating the main allergens such as gluten and dairy, even that small change will stop the inflammation cycle and start the healing process. I have had some good success lately with pantenine, molybdenum and sf722.


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    I much appreciate your responses. It’s nice to talk to someone who has gone through this stuff.

    At the moment I’ve started a diary of food and symptoms (it’s taken me far too long to be so motivated to start this, everything in the 2nd half of 2016 and 2017 seemed to knock me for dead, 2018 was a bit of a recovery period) but I have hugely cut down on gluten and dairy. Looking for suitable substitutes for foods at the moment.

    Good to hear about your success recently and potential things I could try if what I’m doing doesnt help.

    So a while ago when I first got into reading about this. I did it fairly seriously for a few weeks regards diet (Did feel better). Then started 3 billion probiotics. Then tried some grapeseed extract. I never did really continue with the grapeseed for long. But I was keen about the probiotics.

    I think I probably need to read through the help on this website again but what is the best timing in terms of taking supplements? Is it start antifungals first or probiotics?

    At the moment I am taking a 10 billion probiotic in the morning. Followed by a product called “Candaway”.



    I also like to take a combined Vitamin D and Cod Liver Oil tablet.

    If you have any thoughts on these, please let me know. I’d be interested in hearing.

    It’s far too early for me to say if I am feeling better but I do feel positive at the moment.


    king tut
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    The more research I have done and podcasts I have listened to, they urge using sf722 and sacchromyarces boulardii, etc. to convert the Candida out of its nasty phase into something your body can easily excrete. Then you can pump in more antifungals and probiotics. When I first started about 30 months ago, my doctors urged me to take way too much probiotics before I did any of that. I feel like I almost died when I did that, not sure how close or not I was, but it was really bad. Extreme dizziness and 24/7 raging anxiety.

    As far as foods, go mostly primal, caveman. I eat lots of meat, veggies, and brown rice. Asian and Indian foods are great for non-gluten. I also love pecans.i also recommend lemon ginger tea (good antifungal) and nettle leaf tea to provide copper if you use molybdenum for dieoff.

    Vitamin D was huge for me when I first started supplementing around 5 or so years ago. Once Candida takes over and your adrenals crash, vitamin D is a lifesaver. I also take about 5,000 mg buffered vitamin C a day. Ashwagandha is good for balancing cortisol as well. My journey started about 5 years ago with adrenal fatigue until I finally realized what was causing the crash, Candida.

    The whole process is a struggle, but I feel like I am living life again now after years of thinking I was going to die. Did some light downhill skiing this last week and can walk 3-4 miles at a time now without fear of crashing. Best of luck in your recovery.


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    Thanks for the discussion. All the best with your recovery too.

    I’m just going to vent off some thoughts here:

    I’m considering having my thyroid levels checked out. I’ve had blood tests over the past couple years but none have ever looked at the 3 checks for thyroid, just TSH levels.

    I’m going to continue to add further symptoms to this post. The list is insane these days, but it’s the only way to keep track. Some of these I’ve had for ages but just didn’t note down originally.

    – Shortness of breath (Pain in what feels like my diaphragm, in my opinion after a good year of exercise I shouldn’t experience this sort of thing. It’s not a stitch. Early 2018, I could barely pass a medical test for lung capacity which I’m sure 60 year olds that smoke can pass) I’ve always been pretty shocking with cardio (even though I played sport 3 times a week as a teenager) but this is now ridiculous.
    – Pale stools (Since cutting out gluten/booze the past week, this no longer seems to be the case, Not sure if linked)
    – Lack of libido (Possibly psychological and I’ve never had a huge drive, but it’s at an all time low really) – Maybe thyroid?
    – Raynauds syndrome in my feet is getting really bad.
    – Toenails do not seem to be growing, seem to be insanely flexible like they are really thin.
    – Acid reflux
    – Waking up with pretty bad plaque on my teeth (linked to acid reflux or night guard?)
    – Have to wear a night guard due to past experiences of grinding my teeth due to stress/anxiety (this has been horrible for dry mouth). Stress has gone but don’t think I dare take my night guard out.
    – Had my liver checked out years ago (Ultrasound). I have no idea why (I think my ALT or something was a bit high). Got told that I had a slightly fatty liver. This was a surprise as I barely drank back then.
    – Itchy anus – Leaky gut/candida?
    – Horrendously bad back, which I’ve finally managed to get rid of (Woke up one morning and could barely get out of bed)
    – Orange tongue as soon as I’ve had alcohol.

    Going to continue with the no booze, no gluten diet. It’s already had an impact.

    Biggest concerns as of now:
    – Candida
    – Thyroid
    – Liver

    Will be going to the doctors at the end of the month. Primarily for thyroid, but would be interested in an intolerance test too.

    Thanks for reading! Just using this as a bit of a tracker.


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    BRO!! No joke WTF! I know your pain and suffering like no other! I too suffer from the same symptoms as you! I’m relieved somebody gets it and saddened for your suffering! My Brain Fog got so bad I had to take Medical Leave as I started to get to sick at work and started to get really Flushed and braking out in hives and started to feel soo confused I literally was unable to function! I got so bad at one point I thought I was going to die and was soooo Thirsty I was drinking 4 gallons of water a day. But Dude, I been reading a lot and came up with some speculations and also what to due to get better. So please don’t hesitate to Hit me up! I Been getting better but its been a long 7 months but I no longer feel like I could die any second. I no longer suffering, I’m just uncomfortable. I had all your symptoms along with several others. But Hit me up man, lets bounce ideas off each other and see how we could help each other out!

    (JOHN 11:4)


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    Hey, I hear you. At the time I never realised but I was so stressed/brain fogged that literally anything could frustrate me and I spent a day at work in the office where I literally could not focus on a single productive task. It was crazy and even more frustrating. I really should have taken time off but I’ve never experienced anything like this before. The stringy saliva and the amount of water I required and still do, was and is insane. So I agree with you there. It was like a horrible slobbery dog saliva. Disgusting. This is why I somewhat agree with the “spit” test, because I saw the most changes in my saliva. Due to my diet changes I think this is now starting to become under control.

    Anyhow, I’ll PM you after this post.

    – Heavily gluten free diet. Reduced alcohol content (Only had spirit and soda water). Eating very healthily. Good amount of fruit and veg. Lots of water. Reduced caffience intake.
    – Stomach/gut feels alot better. So feel like I am healing.
    – Acid reflux seems to have reduced. As does plaque on teeth in the morning. Do still have an insanely dry mouth but think this is due to the night guard I have to wear.
    – Stress massively reduced. Which must be helping everything.
    – Energy levels may be returning and for the first time this week at football, I didn’t feel completely dead to the world, the day after. However I feel I am having to eat an insane amount of food to keep energy up. (Almost like my gut is not absorbing things properly?!)
    – On that note, food to me does look undigested and I still have yet to have a “normal” toilet trip in the past 2 years. It’s completely different to how it used to look. Both types. Recently had a blood incident again. Had it checked out in the past, doctors never seem concerned with this.
    – Diagnosed with “constitional Raynauds”. Had a barium swallow x-ray, at first glance results look normal so no structural issues with throat etc. Lung function test to complete. Waiting on blood results. Last test, were may 2018 I think.
    – Libido feels like it is returning.
    – Back and muscle tightness still exists.
    – Continue to take probiotics and plan to start the “Candaway” from Naturesbest again.
    – Using a cream for psorasis and seen very good progress. Whether all the changes are impacting this I’m not sure but I’m hoping it must be a positive impact.
    – Tongue is still showing signs of poor health in my opinion. I think back and remember a good pink colour with very little cracks and white. I could be over thinking this.

    However, overall a positive outlook. I have been doing quite a lot of short exercise. Like 3 times x 20 mins yoga a week, some weights and football. Lots of walking throughout the day (as much as possible for an office job).

    I still suspect I’ve had issues with Candida for a long time but atleast I’m starting to feel how I did 2.5 years ago. We’ll see how things progress as there’s still a lot of work to do, I plan to stick to the diet and exercise for a long time (lifetime), the alcohol will slowly wean it’s self back into my life as everything my mates do revolves around a pint, but for the time being will heavily stay away from beer.


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    BRO!! No joke WTF! I know your pain and suffering like no other! I too suffer from the same symptoms as you! I’m relieved somebody gets it and saddened for your suffering! My Brain Fog got so bad I had to take Medical Leave as I started to get to sick at work and started to get really Flushed and braking out in hives and started to feel soo confused I literally was unable to function! I got so bad at one point I thought I was going to die and was soooo Thirsty I was drinking 4 gallons of water a day. But Dude, I been reading a lot and came up with some speculations and also what to due to get better. So please don’t hesitate to Hit me up! I Been getting better but its been a long 7 months but I no longer feel like I could die any second. I no longer suffering, I’m just uncomfortable. I had all your symptoms along with several others. But Hit me up man, lets bounce ideas off each other and see how we could help each other out!
    (JOHN 11:4)

    Not sure how I PM you?

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