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    I developed Candida about 5 yrs ago after antibiotics. I had always had candida on my tongue and yeast issues with my skin since junior high 9likely because of amalgams which ive had removed…. but after the antibiotics it got completely out of control. After finding my naturopath she found that I had elevated Arsenic & Mercury. I began chelating a year ago and have done 13 chelations so far. After my 6th chelation a chronic candida rash on my right leg went away. After my 11th chelation a chronic candida rash on my right leg completely went away. I thought…”okay this is good” I am making some progress. Then a couple of weeks after my 12th chelation, I developed the same rectal itching that I had when my candida first got out of control. I stepped up my probiotics. I am taking about 600billion a day with lactoacido and bifidobact and 9 other strains which is about the number of CFU’s I can tolerate without becoming constipated. After my 10TH chelation my metals were re-tested and my Arsenic had fallen within the normal range and my mercury had fallen from 28 to 16 (not good enough). My doc then ordered another round of 5 to see if it would get me down below 4. Of the 5 I have 2 more to go. I am taking Candicid Forte twice a day in addition to the probiotics and the chelations….but I’m getting frustrated! Any advice? Right now I’m discouraged. I’m just thinking I need to finish the chelations and continue with the probiotics, and antifungals and see how I feel once the metals are out but is there anything else I should do?


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    I believe there is actually a relationship between mercury and candida. Candida albicans can help control your mercury levels by binding itself to mercury in your gut. So if you have high levels of mercury, that actually encourages candida. As your mercury levels decrease, that will help control your candida overgrowth, both for this reason and because your immune system should be functioning better.

    There could be any number of reasons for rectal itching, like too much coffee, or indeed anything that disturbs the gut.

    If your doctor has advised you to finish the chelations, then I think you just have to tough it out until then. It’s not going to be easy to evaluate your progress until that is done.


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    I’d consider talking to your ND about taking a better antifungal. For instance look into SF722 if you can, should be more effective. I’d also consider switching your probiotics to human derived strains like HMF neuro, or try spore based strains like megasporebiotic. But the probiotics will not reverse the problem, I think the way to reverse it is to improve your digestion, etc. I also wouldn’t completely bank on the chelation erasing your candida problem by itself, you likely need to boost immune system, clean out digestive tract, etc. (beyond chelation).

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