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    I can expect to go through another year and a half of periods without chocolate???!!! Seriously?

    I don’t think I thought this through clearly.



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    It gets easier. Actually, I don’t even remember the last time I had chocolate. I don’t crave it like last year. I never ate a big portion of it before, but I always wanted to having a hershey kiss or something after a meal. Now, no big deal. In fact, I would rather have some of my approved candida-friendly treats I try to make now. I think once you get more into the diet and become more stable, you can test a small amount of carob, but don’t quote me. I forget how Able or raster feel about that.


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    Progesterone supplementation in the last two weeks of your cycle. It’s reduced my PMS symptoms significantly. I got a prescription through an alernative-ish medical clinic and take 50 mg at night. You can also try progesterone cream at the health food store but it’s harder to get a significantly sized dose. You apply it to the thinnest skin on your body (inside of the forearms and thights, lower belly). The candida messes with our hormone balance and you’re likely estrogen dominant (even if we didn’t have candida, the phytoestrogens and other sources of hormone mimicking chemicals in daily life will throw us off as well.)


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    While we are on this topic, on my first month on the Strict Diet, my period was late by a week or two, and now this month, it still hasn’t shown up. Would there be a reason that I wouldn’t get my period because of this diet or any of the supplements I am taking?

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