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    I’ve been living for months in a flat with serious mould issues which seem to be responsible for my symptoms. Typically the visible mould was only the tip of the iceberg and it was many months before I found the real infestations.

    Two weeks ago I was tested for mould allergies and though the skin prick tests were negative the blood results were positive. I had delayed reactions to four different types of mould, aspergillus, alternaria, penicillin and candida albicans.

    The allergy specialist has said I should TRY Itraconazole in a very low dose for six weeks for systemic candida.

    However, I’m worried by the list of side effects. My main symptoms are various types of tinnitus (I’ve had mild perfectly bearable tinnitus for years but this is something else). Though often uncomfortable between my legs, I tested negative for thrush, and my ENT specialist says my sinuses are ok, though I have a lesion inside my nostril for which he gave me a salve, but it always comes back.

    I’ve been on a candida diet for months but I break it from time to time and will definitely break it over Christmas, partly because I’ve pretty well established that the primary cause is toxic mould allergy, and I’m spending Christmas in an environment I hope will be mould-free. On previous trips away from the infested flat I found contraindicated foods didn’t affect me to the same extent.

    The specialist also told me I have to leave the flat, and there’s a good chance that I’ll recover when I do so. She says cleaning up a long-term infestation doesn’t eliminate the problem.

    However, I do plan to take the pharmaceutical antifungal if I don’t make serious strides towards recovery once I’ve been out of the flat for a week or more.

    Has anyone had any experience of it? Would taking molybdenum or milk thistle help?

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