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    Back in 08 I got it and the doc gave me nystatyn ointment and zinc oxide. Told me to put the zinc oxide over the nystatyn ointment. That worked then but not this time in 2012. This time I got the nystatyn cream and it didn’t work. It was getting pretty raw. Cortizone did nothing. I finally tried of all things neosporin ointment. It worked great. Today I discovered hydrogen peroxide wipes at the grocery store and plan to use then to wipe with. I slightly insert the ointment. Funny thing. Where I am one of those guys that always uses a half roll of toilet paper to wipe, since applying the ointment, It gets done with one or two wet wipes. I guess it helps things move right along. I think maybe the neosporin ointment has something in it fungus dosn’t like.

    I hope this helps.


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    I’ve had the dreaded itch for many years too (19 in fact). I notice it flares and goes, and seems to be something in my diet. Of course, getting hot and sweaty worsen things.

    Flare ups seem to be caused by:
    – too much sugar
    – wheat
    – cow milk

    With those 3 out of my diet, it will generally subside. I think it is basically an inflammatory response, but I liked what Slate was saying about the mucus – that makes a lot of sense too. I have often wondered if pH levels in my intestine were part of the problem because it is almost like my skin has been mildly chemically burned!


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    I had itching, too, but only for a few months. I used Rutin 500 mg with Quercetin, 1 tab a day. Itching down there totally went away in about a week and never returned.


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    I’ve dealt with this for several months and it is HORRIBLE. Fortunately, mine is cleared up. I found that the only really sure way to treat the symptom was to follow the diet and protocol, but also to really really thoroughly rinse your butt, as far up as you can, with water to get all of the residue from your stool off of the rectum. It’s the residue coming out of you that is irritating the rectum.

    However until you clear it up internally, you’ll be fighting an uphill battle, so start with diet changes and follow the prototol.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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