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    I am posting here in desparation! I am at my wits end. I am really sure i have had a Candida overgrowth for some time now. Years of itching ears, and itching/rash on forarms on and off for years. Last Novemeber it really came to a head when my palms of my hands started itching. I was diagnosed with Ezchema (not) and given a steroid cream to put on it. Well the yeast loved it and did the “happy dance” for hours after. So the Dermotoligist did a skin scraping and gave me a months worth of oral Lamisil. Did get somewhat better but was not gone. I travel for my job and the Dermotologist would not refill without seeing me and i was unable to go back. I was away for my job and i went to a Natural Foods/supplement store and this wondercful woman has helped me try to heal this mess.
    I take a 1/4 cap of Aquaflora Candida Potency 9, I am taking liquid B12, Kelp, Rice powder, and a marad of other things. I am eating Garlic, Ginger, taking a Colon Cleanse and drinking a ton of distilled water. My diet consists of all green leafy veggies and protein drinks. I either eat the veggies raw or juice them. No fruits/dairy or qlutens.Quite frankly i really dont have the time to be mixing and concocting all day long. I have to work.
    So i am not sure right now it the itching and reddnes on my arms and neck are die off symptoms or am i not even touching the problem. How do i know??
    I need some ideas for ways to make/juice the foods, i am getting bored with what i have for choices. It is very frustrating to try and live your life this way.

    Thanks for any help!!
    signed Desperate 🙁


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    Hello worna,

    We developed this general plan to get better and most forum members are following it:

    Plan on a 6-18 month recovery time to get over candida overgrowth.

    It sounds like your main symptom is itching…this is caused by the candida toxins being released into the body. What are you doing to detox from these toxins?

    Basically what you are doing is like taking a crap and not flushing the toilet for a week!

    We don’t recommend aquaflora on the forum because it is a homeopathic and won’t cure your infestation. Rice is something we don’t recommend on the diet because its high in starch and feeds candida. An alternative is rice bran which is a prebiotic that feeds the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

    Keep in mind that doing this really fast is not the best way to go; this isn’t a sprint but more of a marathon.

    What is your diet like and what other supplements are you taking?



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    I’ve been using a soap called “Candida Freedom” for the last week for my facial rash, dandruff and mild inching on my body.

    I can only speak for myself but this soap has done wonders so far. Completely cleared my rash, reduced my dandruff significantly, and no more itching. It’s a pro-biotic soap with Lemongrass and Aloe (two anti-fungals). I’m impressed because years of Head&Shoulders and Selsen Blue have never worked this good.

    It’s only been a week so I will continue to use this product and monitor my progress.


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    Cool Danny, I will have to look that soap up!


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    Oh and worna, if you haven’t already tried it, see if you can get ahold of some nice chickweed salve. I have recommended it to a lot of people for itching skin, it is not the greatest smell but it really helps. Also, I recently got a product from spring wind that I really like that helps with itching, it is the spring wind ointment. I got the almond scent and it is lovely. It is based it chinese herbal medicine and seems to be helping with my neuraldermatitis as well as eczema.

    Here is the link to springwind.


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    Geez, I keep posting, my brain must be in a fog. Their lip balm is also very nice, I use the pineapple one. It has totally gotten me off of vaseline.

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