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    Hi everyone. I don’t visit this site much anymore, because I used to feel more depressed seeing things on here that made it seem like I’d never really solve this problem. But I did participate a little in 2013 and 2014.

    I’ll try to keep this brief, and will add more to this post as needed, so people seeing this for the first time don’t have to read all the potential comments.

    My story:

    – Mother had mercury amalgam fillings since before I was born.
    – Ate more processed food than good food when younger
    – Very shy and nervous as a child
    – Got a Gastro bug at 12 years old, causing digestive issues lasting to this day (got complicated by other means – see below)
    – Multiple rounds of antibiotics as a teenager, young adult
    – Stress from school, life and people. All of these factors together contributed to burnt out adrenals, minor hypothyroidism, candida/SIBO symptoms and weakened immune system.

    A real downward spiral. I am only 25, and been suffering as a teenager.

    Like many, I researched quite a bit about this, tried the diet and supplements, but the only thing that got better was my acne. My digestive and arenal fatigue symptoms got much worse, but I had to carry on.

    A (very expensive) doctor identified me as slight hypothyroid, and barely treated me, but it was a start. I couldn’t go through with her consultation.

    I tried DvJorge’s enema recommendation, and got colossal gut die-off every day. I felt hopeless.

    By chance, my mum found out about a nutritional specialist over here in the UK. He has single-handedly changed my life, and I’m only 50% better. His protocol: the Methylation Cycle and healing the adrenals.

    – He changed my diet, eliminating sulphurous foods, introducing many things not meant for the Candida diet (beans, lentils, certain fruits, pea protein powder, tomatoes…)
    – I have been taking supplements to heal my adrenals, reduce cortisol, improve sleep and the immune system. I sleep much better (still not perfect), no longer get “crashes”/fatigue during the day, and feel more positive without trying. It de-stresses me, which helps break the vicious cycle. Too bad video games is counter-productive 😛
    – I am taking supplements to up my metabolism and kick-start my methylation cycle. He knows what’s best for me because I took a 23andme test, and he analysed the results.
    – I am getting heartburn if I don’t eat enough, but the bloating I normally get is reduced somewhat. I take enzymes and betaine HCl. I have low stomach acid, and it will get better with time, so I have to ride this out. I started getting flatulence recently, almost daily just around bedtime, but I wonder if this is new die-off.

    Next, he will help me repopulate my gut with beneficial bacteria.

    I am hoping he will allow me to do yoga soon, because I know that will de-stress even further, and help my immune system as well as general wellbeing – it is a perfect form of exercise.

    So I haven’t outlined everything yet, but if I get asked for more info, I will be happy to help. I feel this is the last ditch attempt at getting better, but because I am already this much improved in only a few months, I will get there.

    Hang in there guys 🙂


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    You should look into stinging nettles to help heal your adrenals.

    I use nettle leaf tea atm and it has really helped my energy levels.


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    So my thoughts on methylation is that dairy and gluten disrupt this cycle. Additionally, if you are not pH neutral and acidic, then methylation won’t be normalized (ever) until you address this underlying cause of methylation dysfunction.

    Glad you are feeling better, I hope I suggested that you get professional help at the time because I really feel that it makes a difference.



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    Well done good work. My candida symptoms turned around for me once I got tested for yeast and bacterial markers in my gut and worked with a nutritionist. Sadly our local GPs know very little about problems associated with the gut and only exasperate problems by prescribing antibiotics. Keep on going, don’t give up and the body will heal itself with the right food and supplements.

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