Is what I have dry skin or fungal infection?

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    I really hope someone can shed some light on what I have because it confuses me no end and if I’m honest is getting me really down.

    Quick bit of background, I took antibiotics when I was 17 for like 3 spots on my face and since then (now 30) have had candida (white tongue, white “member” etc)

    Anyway at the start of this year, I started to notice white flakes between my figures, I ignored them and they spread to my palms and inner fingers, I always suspected them to be dry skin as it often gets worse when I use my hands but the symptoms don’t make sense.

    The only way I can describe them is like I have put my hands in chalk and every crease has a white powdery skin is not tight or sore in the slightest, there is no blood or cracking which I would expect with dry skin but instead what looks like dandruff on my hands. Finally if my hands are washed or get wet they return to normal as if nothing was wrong with them for a short time before it returns

    Has anyone experienced this? any idea what it could be?


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    I have the same on my hand. It started with athletes foot > toenail fungus > jock itch > hands

    I was able to use Lotrimin Ultra 2 times a day or after washing hands thoroughly and saw results in a week.
    I stopped using it once I saw my skin looking smooth again BUT it only returned.

    Recently I started using Lotrimin Ultra again because it was getting out of control and I felt embarrassed about it because people would ask my why my hand looked the way it did. It got better within 2 weeks but I realized that I probably also have Yeast Overgrowth.

    I heard someone say that the flaking of the hands and dandruff can be symptoms of Candida.

    I also get very itchy if I stay awake for long periods of time.

    Before I would always stay up for really long periods of time which probably caused my immune system to weaken. I would also eat and drink a lot of sugar. Monster, Rockstar, PopTarts, Soda of all kinds Potato Chips, just about everything that can’t be too healthy for you I would also workout so I looked healthy but I always sensed there was something wrong.

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