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    I am just on day two of the cleanse, and realized I’m using Clindamycin (antibiotic) topically on my scalp – so I am wondering if it’s topical (liquid) is that ok, since it’s not entering my body?

    Interesting that if it is feeding the candida that I was prescribed it to combat a side effect, probably, of the candida!



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    I am positive that there are people on here with more experience than me but from what I have read things that we put on our skin do indeed enter the bloodstream.


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    Clindamycin is indeed an antibiotic used to treat bacterial infections. And 89Mirageman is correct, it will enter the body and the bloodstream through the skin. In fact, research has said that when something is rubbed into the skin as opposed to taking by mouth at least 40% more of it is absorbed into the body. All it’s going to do is kill off any beneficial bacteria you may have, making it that much easier for the Candida albicans infestation to grow.
    If I were you, I’d ask this doctor if he knows anything at all about fungal yeast infections.



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    I would go with a probiotic and the diet instead of an antibiotic; that is my two cents.


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    Yeah, I guess that’s what I was “afraid” of… but I’m now thinking that if I keep up with the program, maybe it will then clear up anyhow. Thanks for the input!

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