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    First off, hello everyone

    Ive ben lurking this forum for a few months now. I just joined because I have a question about something ive been drinking that I didnt realize had citric acid… Its called Brain Toniq (skinny). I was wondering if maybe I could get some advice on whether its okay or not… i feel like everytime im making a considerable amount of progress (not necessarily die-off symptom wise.. but just sticking strictly to the diet) i realize ive been having something on the ‘avoid’ list…

    Okay so the ingredients are: Carbonated water, natural citrus extracts, citric acid, stevia extract, and monk fruit extract.
    zero sugar, 1 carb.

    But its a really natural, “100% non-gmo” drink… so i was wondering if maybe the citric acid in this drink comes from a better (somehow, non yeast source…?) than other citric acid…

    I contacted the company asking this:
    ” was wondering if you could tell me if the citric acid inside of the Brain Toniq (skinny) is the additive/manufactured type of citric acid that is derived from yeast?”

    the reply was this:

    “The citric acid we purchase is manufactured in the United States, from a submerged fermentation process using dextrose as the carbohydrate source, and Aspergillus Niger, which is a ubiquitous, non-GMO and non-pathogenic organism as the fungal source. “

    that sounds bad.. fermented, dextrose (sugar?), and fungal source…?

    i just wanted to double check with you guys though because i feel like i cant have ANYthing.. and my ADD in combo with brain fog is ruining my life… so i really would love to be able to have this since i cant have coffee and am not taking a prescription med for the ADD.

    The can says, “The clean and intelligent think drink. Zero caffeine, zero sugar, zero fake anything. pure herbs and natural compounds, naturally gluten free and vegan”

    yay or nay?

    i appreciate all opinions

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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